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  • Perceptron: A History of Neural Networks

    The Perceptron is the ancestor of Neural Networks and Generative AI, but it arrived 60 years too early and, above all, its promise was a tad overstated, to say the least. One started to imagine impossible things. Besides, artificial intelligence as no match for natural human resentment. Especially that of…

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  • How AI works

    Nobody understands how AI works

    No one knows now AI really works an MIT reviewer states. A little while ago, at the beginning of 2024, we released a piece stating that the AI revolution would not take place. We understand that this was a very bold move. A few readers laughed, most dismissed the idea…

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  • Top 25 Marketing Opinion Leaders

    We’re publishing a short message today to say that we’ve joined the club of the world’s top 25 opinion leaders in marketing. We are not doing this out of hubris, but to say a big thank you to our readers and our 100+ clients. So you’ll find a badge on…

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  • Behavioral Targeting is the right way forward

    A recent study on behavioral targeting demonstrates the evolution of consumer behavior and its impact on segmentation in consumer marketing. While criticisms of profile-based segmentations are nothing new, the study in question provides a quantified demonstration of the extent of change in this area. It also provides figures and details…

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  • Promoting employees increases risk that they leave

    A recent research led by HR software vendor ADP shows that promoting employees might be bad for employee retention. Even if this is counter intuitive, this research shows that HR hell may be paved with good intentions. The research also provides other interesting insights, namely about the number of promotions. …

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  • Visionary Marketing gets a makeover

    The Visionary Marketing site is getting a facelift as 2023 draws to a close. Twenty-eight years after its inception, and four years after obtaining our press accreditation by the French Ministry of Culture, we’ve listened to our readers. On the agenda, we improved the site’s legibility, visibility and look and…

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  • LinkedIn Hackers are Targeting Pro Users in Italy and France

    Forget about phishing, enter LinkedIn hackers! cybercriminals are upping their game and are now using LinkedIn to plant viruses on your machines. As they are sending their messages through LinkedIn navigator, they are catching professional users unawares. Indeed, the latter are less prone to expect cyber attacks to originate from…

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  • Customer value - valeur client

    Perceived value: how customers rate a product or service

    How do consumers form their perceived value of a product or service? This is the question that Bain & Company has attempted to answer in a very noteworthy brief published by Harvard Business Review. It opens up a new perspective on perceived customer value, beyond the hackneyed Maslow pyramid. This…

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  • licenciements en Silicon valley

    Tech layoffs and disillusionment in Silicon Valley

    This morning’s newsflash was inspired by a tweet and refers to the recent Tech layoffs in Silicon Valley, no longer deemed the greatest place to work in Tech. Other posts tell stories of employees disappointed that they can no longer indulge in free pizza in the cafeteria before going to meetings in the “confetti room”. In…

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  • Digital natives

    Study proves that ‘digital natives’ do not exist

    A study proves that “digital natives” do not exist: digital natives, generations X, Y, Z and now alpha, are a recurring theme on the Web and in the media. OK, boomer! I know. Yet, facts are stronger than fiction. Study Shows ‘Digital Natives’ Do Not Exist Digital natives have been…

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  • Twitter strategy

    Forrester advises advertisers to put Twitter on Back Burner

    Is Twitter still the right platform for advertisers? Twitter has been in the news lately for changes that have happened within the organisation as well as in its user policies. More recently, Musk even decided to ask Twitter users whether he should resign and it seems he didn’t quite like the…

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  • Buzzsumo deems Google and SEO clinically dead

    The people from Buzzsumo have released its 2023 report on the future of content marketing and it’s a must-read. Among other advice: resort more often to content repurposing and alternative social platforms and stand out from the crowd to get more visibility. The report has a few harsh words for Search Engine…

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