B2B marketing glossary

B2B marketing glossaryThe B2B marketing glossary by Visionary Marketing aims at providing useful definitions of the main B2B marketing concepts and to complement them with critical analysis. Wherever necessary, we also define the corresponding B2C terms to provide a side-by-side comparison of definitions, approaches and analysis.

  • ABM: Account-Based Marketing - A good definition for ABM will always start with #flipthefunnel. It challenges the notion of "lead" and turns the funnel upside down.
  • B2B buyer behavior - The Internet and social networks have revolutionized B2B buyer behavior. Most B2B buyers help themselves to the information they need
  • B2B Innovation - While there are many definitions for B2B innovation and some are aimed at better understanding buyer behaviour.
  • B2B Lead Generation - The notion of lead generation in B2B is as old as time. What is a lead? Lead generation is not an end in itself.
  • B2B product management - In order to provide an overview of B2B product management from its initiation to the present day, we must go back to the 1930s.
  • B2B Purchasing Process - The B2B purchasing process is the result of a long life cycle often linked to a contract as there are many people to convince.
  • B2B Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) - Word-of-mouth marketing is a classic in B2B, it is an alternative method to traditional advertising and marketing
  • B2C Purchasing Act - In this fact sheet we will mainly talk about the B2C (Business to Consumer) Act of Purchase. Read our fact sheet on the B2B buying act here.
  • Demand analysis - When analysing a market from a demand perspective, there are a number of indicators available including penetration rate and elasticity. In this glossary post on demand analysis.
  • Fundamentals of marketing - The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as they are to B2B. Read more on the glossary page dedicated to marketing fundamentals (letter 'M')
  • Market - Market definition in B2B and B2C - The very notion of "market" is at the heart of any marketing approach. A market can be defined...
  • Market Share definition - Market share  can be defined as a percentage accounted for by a given producer or brand in its own market. Market share = Current market of producer or brand / Current market of product all brands
  • Market Studies in B2B - There are many methods for conducting market studies in B2B like quantitative and qualitative surveys and questionnaires.
  • Marketing automation in B2B - Marketing automation in B2B enables marketing processes to be managed automatically across multiple channels. With marketing automation, companies can target their visitors with automated messages via email, the web, social … Read on
  • Marketing ethics in B2B - Marketing ethics is a broad-ranging topic, which should be seen as a subset of business ethics.
  • Marketing fundamentals - The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as B2B. Marketing fundamentals are about the description of the principles of marketing
  • Marketing Mix in B2B - The marketing mix of B2B is limited to 3 P's.
  • Mobile Marketing in B2B - Mobile marketing in B2B is booming. B2B buyers seek the same experiences and features on their smartphones as regular consumers do.
  • PESTLE model - PESTLE is the model for understanding the environment of a market (demand or supply side) and how it impacts their decision-making process
  • Segmentation - Market segmentation is as important in B2B as in B2C. Strictly speaking, segmenting means dividing one's market into subsets (segments)
  • Survey biases - Questioning biases in B2B market research are more complex than in B2C. We have found 22 of them
  • The Role of a Website in B2B - What is the role of a website in B2B? Potential customers are interested in your brand and likely to visit your website for more information.
  • Website Creation for Business - The creation of a good website for business depends on its general strategy, communication objectives, and the alignment between these.

About the Visionary B2B marketing glossary

Our Visionary Marketing Critical B2B Glossary aims to provide useful definitions of key B2B marketing concepts, complemented by critical analysis.

Why a Visionary  B2B marketing glossary? Every word counts in this question.

There are already many marketing glossaries all over the Internet. We didn’t want to add one more glossary for the sake of SEO, but rather wanted to provide precise answers, as detailed and in-depth as possible, to questions that marketing professionals and students are asking.

A critical eye with field experience in mind.

In addition, we have tried to bring a critical viewpoint, based on our experience in the field, which is not simply a repetition of what already exists. There is very little good literature available on B2B marketing and it’ a pity.

In view of how content is structured on Visionary Marketing, we therefore thought it would be interesting to add more content and analysis to this particular branch of marketing, about which we have already written extensively.

Going back to the basics of marketing

Of course, it was not possible to write a glossary of the main B2B marketing terms without going back to the fundamentals of B2C marketing. Wherever necessary, we have therefore also defined the corresponding B2C terms in order to offer a comparison of definitions, approaches and analyses.

The visionary B2B marketing glossary is updated on an ongoing basis in English and French.