B2B marketing glossary

B2B marketing glossaryThe B2B marketing glossary by Visionary Marketing aims at providing useful definitions of the main B2B marketing concepts and to complement them with critical analysis. Wherever necessary, we also define the corresponding B2C terms to provide a side-by-side comparison of definitions, approaches and analysis.

  • B2B buyer behavior - The Internet and social networks have revolutionized B2B buyer behavior. Most B2B buyers help themselves to the information they need
  • Fundamentals of marketing - The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as B2B. Read more on the glossary page dedicated to fundamental marketing (letter "M")
  • Market - Market definition in B2B and B2C - The very notion of "market" is at the heart of any marketing approach. A market can be defined...
  • Marketing ethics in B2B - Marketing ethics is a broad-ranging topic, which should be seen as a subset of business ethics. Here we will deal with the particulars of business and marketing ethics pertaining to … Lire la suite
  • Marketing fundamentals - The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as B2B. Marketing fundamentals are about the description of the principles of marketing
  • Segmentation - Market segmentation is as important in B2B as in B2C. Strictly speaking, segmenting means dividing one's market into subsets (segments)