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Thinkers 360 award top 25 marketing badge to Visionary Marketing

We’re publishing a short message today to say that we’ve joined the club of the world’s top 25 opinion leaders in marketing. We are not doing this out of hubris, but to say a big thank you to our readers and our 100+ clients. So you’ll find a badge on the right, below our 100% human-generated content logo, so you can check our credentials. Here’s an excerpt taken from the description of this label explaining why it was awarded to Visionary Marketing.

Visionary Marketing amongst the top 25 marketing opinion leaders according to Thinkers 360

leaders mondiaux marketing
Visionary Marketing has been recognised as one of the top 25 global marketing opinion leaders by Thinkers 360.

“The holder of this credential participated actively in building their profile, portfolio and media kit on Thinkers360 and successfully placed within the Top 10 thought leaders and influencers in this category based on their personally-authored content, awards and recognition. Thinkers360 takes a holistic view of thought leaders and experts, beyond their social media activity, and looks across all their personas – such as academic, advisor, analyst, author, consultant, entrepreneur, executive, influencer and speaker – and all the types of thought leadership content they produce.”.

Earning Criteria

  •   Join Thinkers360’s thought leader community and influencer marketplace (free).
  •   Add personally-authored content – including articles, blogs, books, keynotes, media interviews, panels, podcasts, social media, speaking events, videos, webinars and whitepapers – via the Thinkers360 platform.
  •   Review all Thinkers360 policies related to thought leadership content. Sign an acknowledgement certifying they have reviewed and understand Thinkers360 policies related to thought leadership content.

Read more on the Thinkers 360 website

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