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  • GEN AI and Content Marketing: Learning from experience

    Are Gen AI and content compatible? Adobe organised a round table discussion on that subject during their Experience Makers conference in Paris in early November. The debate brought together a few digital experts. During this discussion, I mentioned that there were limitations to Gen AI images and that they weren’t…

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  • Gen AI and the evolution of Marketing Jobs

    Marketing is going through a major evolution, our jobs are changing, and marketing professionals will have to seriously ramp up their skills. After a 4-year hiatus, we had the pleasure of attending the 2023 Adobe Summit in London. The US tech giant* issued major announcements during that event. Beyond that,…

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  • Démonstration de l'IA générative dans Photoshop

    Analysing Adobe Firefly at the Adobe Summit 2023

    Photoshop Beta now includes Adobe Firefly AI art functions. These enable image manipulation by using artificial intelligence. Image-generating AIs have been at the center of discussions for quite some time, and we’ve been covering this topic on Visionary Marketing since the beginning of the year, and have been practicing it…

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  • taux de conversion

    First Party Data : An 18% Increase in Consumer Conversion

    First party data collection has become more important than ever. With consumer concern and the inevitable demise of third party data, companies are turning to first party data. This not only helps companies receive more accurate data, but offers a transparent and secure option for data collection. Subsequently, this is generating…

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  • Make it personal

    Make it Personal Study: Consumers Claim “They Are Not a Number” #Adobepartner

    Make It Personal is the title of Adobe’s latest research on the subject of customer experience. In a nutshell, it concludes that it’s time to put CX stereotypes to rest and deal with consumers as free human beings rather than numbers to put it in the words of Number Six. The Adobe Experience…

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  • utilisation des données

    European consumers are concerned about how brands are using their data

    Companies have been driving a wedge between them and their customers by misusing the personal consumer data they’ve collected. This generates a level of mistrust and has even caused many consumers to avoid these brands. To give us a better understanding of this situation, we look into the Adobe Trust…

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  • essor irresistible digital-Adobe Summit 2022

    The tremendous rise of digital and customisation at scale

    The tremendous and relentless rise of digital was at the centre of our takeaways from Adobe Summit 2022, which delivered on all its promises with more than 26,000 connected viewers during the opening keynote. This amazing event, of which Visionary Marketing was a partner [disclosure], can be summed up in just…

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  • three principles for achieving outstanding data-driven customer experience at scale

    Marriott’s three principles for achieving outstanding data-driven CX at scale

    What are the main guiding principles for achieving outstanding data-driven CX (customer experience) at scale. Today at Adobe summit 2022, I attended a great presentation by Susan Bloomberg, VP of personalization and product performance at Marriott International. She described herself as “a maths nerd as [she] started a career in tech…

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  • Immersive 3D modelling for Metaverse and ecommerce

    What does the future hold for the so-called Metaverse and 3D immersive ecommerce? We’ve already covered this for B2B with Forrester, but I have a hunch that we haven’t heard the last of it. Indeed, it’s a habit with new technology, it’s at least where you least expect it that…

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  • Trust digital economy

    Trust is at the heart of the digital economy

    The trust of consumers in the digital economy is a key element in their relationship with brands. An Adobe study conducted in November 2021 on the topic of customer experience had revealed how essential trust is within this relationship between brands and consumers. The American software company has therefore decided to…

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  • étude Adobe sur les tendances digitales 2022

    Digital trends 2022 for business: digitisation progress and challenges

    As we are barely emerging from the Covid crisis, now is the right moment to assess the most prominent digital trends of 2022. Have companies made any progress and what challenges do they face in this tremendous post-crisis drive to digitisation? I’m going to deliver my fast-track analysis of a report…

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  • Digital Shift: 1 trillion website visits prove it’s real and here to stay

    The digital shift is a fairly recurring topic for our visionary readers. But what evidence do we have of this? Is it just an impression or a reality? During the Adobe Summit 2021, of which Visionary Marketing was a partner, we discovered the Digital Economy Index (DEI), a fascinating initiative…

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