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  • LinkedIn’s new features under the microscope

    What are the most outstanding new features of LinkedIn in 2024? Reid Hoffmann’s professional network was created almost 21 years ago (in May 2003) and acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Visionary Marketing invited Bruno Fridlansky to talk about this platform, of which he is an expert. Together we were able…

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  • CSR: a survival guide for the depressed responsible marketer

    How can a responsible marketer survive when the world around us is crumbling? Or at least when experts are telling you that it is. Three years to the day, the French association of marketers Adetem asked Visionary Marketing to join its CSR responsible marketing initiative, and naturally we welcomed the…

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  • Impact IA générative sur le CRM

    Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?

    According to a recent Forrester report (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer Relationship Management systems and practices. The real question is, however, how effective GenAI could be when it comes to handling various customer-facing tasks? And how easily could it adapt to…

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  • Geographic information systems

    What are the applications of GIS systems

    What are the applications of geographic information systems? Following our discussion with Catherine Crook, we asked Floyd Bull to answer that question for us. Geographic information systems and their applications How did you get started with GIS? During college, I saw geographic information systems as an opportunity that would lead…

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  • GEN AI and Content Marketing: Learning from experience

    Are Gen AI and content compatible? Adobe organised a round table discussion on that subject during their Experience Makers conference in Paris in early November. The debate brought together a few digital experts. During this discussion, I mentioned that there were limitations to Gen AI images and that they weren’t…

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  • PIMs at the heart of Customer Experiences

    Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a driving force behind a good customer experience. A 2023 survey entitled “Elevating customer experiences with product experiences”, sheds light on how product information can greatly enhance CX. Virginie Blot, Product Experience Management evangelist at Akeneo, gave us her point of view and analysis…

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  • AI influencer: the Incognito influencer project

    An AI Incognito Influencer in the digital world

    Visionary Marketing spoke with Katja Graisse – co-founder of Balistikart, an independent digital creative agency – to discuss the Incognito AI Influencer Project. We touch on the benefits and limitations of AI-generated influencers, the intertwining of art and business, and more. Katja provides an optimistic assessment of the current digital…

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  • generative AI and photography

    Generative AI and its potential impact on photography

    Could Generative AI be a game-changer for photography and photographers? Photography has been around for over a century and relies on the creativity and expertise of photographers. But what will happen with the advent of generative AI applications that can create photos in a matter of seconds? Here’s a thought-provoking…

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  • Employment trends

    Employment trends that are emerging in Europe

    So, what are the emerging employment trends in Europe? This week we got to talk back and forth with Jooble’s Talent Enablement Director, Anastasiia Khyzhniak. We were able to gain insights into the employment trends that are transforming the job market today and in the future.  Note that this post (#disclosure)…

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  • Marketing video games in an evolving landscape

    Marketing video games in an evolving landscape

    With our recent piece on Roblox, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and discuss marketing and the video game industry. With technology constantly evolving and changing, what does it mean to be a Marketer in the video game industry? In this post, I…

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  • Phishing

    Phishing: how to protect you and your company from phishing

    Phishing is a common practice, and businesses are not the last victims. It’s common to receive fraudulent messages in our mailboxes. These invite you to settle a non-existent unpaid bill, or to provide your credentials to “solve a technical problem”. This is known as phishing. With this technique, the hacker…

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  • AI losing jobs to AI

    Marketers should not be afraid of losing their jobs to AI

    Will marketing jobs be killed by AI? We met with Jamie Brighton, at Adobe Summit 2023*. Jamie is Product Marketing Director for the Adobe Digital Experience business. His answer to the above question is a blatant No! He sees AI as being a co-pilot of marketers in their daily tasks. A…

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