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  • AI losing jobs to AI

    Marketers should not be afraid of losing their jobs to AI

    Will marketing jobs be killed by AI? We met with Jamie Brighton, at Adobe Summit 2023*. Jamie is Product Marketing Director for the Adobe Digital Experience business. His answer to the above question is a blatant No! He sees AI as being a co-pilot of marketers in their daily tasks. A…

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  • Everyone is a creator as Roblox prepares for AI and VR

    With the release of Apple’s new Vision Pro AR-VR headset on the horizon, many companies are starting to take note. Roblox, The online gaming platform and game creation system, stands out amongst the crowd. Looking to take strides towards the future of the gaming interface and game creation. Roblox is…

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  • Gen AI and the evolution of Marketing Jobs

    Marketing is going through a major evolution, our jobs are changing, and marketing professionals will have to seriously ramp up their skills. After a 4-year hiatus, we had the pleasure of attending the 2023 Adobe Summit in London. The US tech giant* issued major announcements during that event. Beyond that,…

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  • Crise de l'IT

    IT crisis or lack of Innovation; Steps towards the future

    The IT crisis is having serious consequences, and not just in Silicon Valley. But is it an IT crisis or a lack of innovation? For Alain Lefebvre, author of “La Crise de l’IT et comment s’en sortir” (Translated: The IT crisis and how to get out of it), it’s time…

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  • Démonstration de l'IA générative dans Photoshop

    Analysing Adobe Firefly at the Adobe Summit 2023

    Photoshop Beta now includes Adobe Firefly AI art functions. These enable image manipulation by using artificial intelligence. Image-generating AIs have been at the center of discussions for quite some time, and we’ve been covering this topic on Visionary Marketing since the beginning of the year, and have been practicing it…

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  • cookie walls

    Protecting your privacy and avoiding cookie pop-ups

    Ever heard of cookie pop-ups? It’s true that it’s hard to escape them. Following the 2011 Cookie Directive, French sites have finally complied. But rather than deleting cookies, they have installed themselves with cookie pop-ups, which throw annoying messages at you and prevent you from surfing the web. They’re useless,…

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  • Adobe Summit 2023

    Making Preparations for Adobe Summit 2023

    It’s this time of year, Adobe summit 2023 is taking place on June, 8–9 in London and Visionary Marketing will be there as #adobepartner (disclosure*). After a few years where the event only took place online (check our coverage here). It’s now a hybrid event, which is taking place both…

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  • Are Digital Experiences Hampering Customer Experiences?

    Are digital experiences getting in the way of customers’ experiences? We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Pine, author of the article titled ‘Are Your Digital Tools Wasting Your Customers’ Time?” Having previously interviewed him, we knew he had an interesting perspective on the matter. He takes a…

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  • Reducing the carbon footprint of digital advertising

    Could one reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising? When it comes to carbon emissions, digital is often criticised, and programmatic advertising in particular. How big is that footprint? And how could one minimise it? How are advertisers reacting? A recent Scope3 study sheds light on this subject. It shows…

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  • Platform Business Models

    Understanding Platform Business Models Now and in the Future

    Platform business models facilitate the exchange of goods and services between two or more interdependent groups, often producers and consumers. They are responsible for totally new ways of doing business. In our interview with Benoît Reillier from, we discuss his book entitled Platform Strategy, from which he derived a cartoon…

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  • Visuels médias sociaux

    How to use social media visuals more effectively

    Social media requires proper and effective visuals for your posts to be more impactful. Any first-grade student knows that. Seasoned marketers do too. That said, a recent study by Vistacreate and the Content Marketing Institute showed that there is room for improvement in that area. In this report, CMI’s Robert…

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  • LinkedIn Hackers are Targeting Pro Users in Italy and France

    Forget about phishing, enter LinkedIn hackers! cybercriminals are upping their game and are now using LinkedIn to plant viruses on your machines. As they are sending their messages through LinkedIn navigator, they are catching professional users unawares. Indeed, the latter are less prone to expect cyber attacks to originate from…

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