100% Human-Generated Content Manifesto

Paris, June 2023
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A website written by humans for humans

The development of generative AI has accelerated significantly since 2018. Visionary Marketing remains eager to deliver value to our readers while maintaining the quality, authenticity, and reliability of our publications while trying to avoid the abuse of generative AI technologies. Visionary Marketing adheres to the following charter. This charter is not damning of Artificial Intelligence, of which we have been players. Rather, this is a guide to good conduct, whereby we aim to use these tools responsibly.

100% human content manifesto

  1. Generative AI tools have limitations
    1. They’re just programs: AI tools are not human; they are simply programs and lack consciousness.
    2. The initial data: These tools use a wide range of data (text, images, scrapped content) and databases processed using statistical methods, and may copy and paste data.
    3. Lack of thought process: These programs work by associating words according to probabilistic rules. There is no logical reasoning behind the results provided by these tools. Generative AIs produce automatic texts, a kind of cadaver exquisite, with no thought process, based on probabilities. This content only has the appearance of a background.
    4. The absence of human sensitivity and emotions; unique to humans, generative AI lacks the humanity and emotions that come through from 100% human writing.
    5. Lack of ethics: some of these tools do not respect ethics, they have used training in countries where modern slavery is practiced*, and do not respect the rights in force. When they do respect an ethic, it is neither transparent nor explicit.
  2. With the “100% Human Content” logo, we signify that we are responsible for our choices, our thoughts, and our writings.
  3. AI tools are not responsible for anything, content editors are responsible for everything.

As a result, here are our guiding principles 

  1. Our content is created for humans, not machines, and is not primarily designed to please search engines (SEO). We distinguish between text and images. This charter applies essentially to textual content (blog articles, websites, white papers, newsletters, etc.)
  2. The articles on our site are written by 100% human intelligence clearly identified by our biographies.
  3. When generative AI tools are used to produce images, we indicate this transparently.
  4. All the information we produce is verified, cross-checked, controlled, referenced, and sourced.

NB: this charter was not written with ChatGPT

The logo is available for download – it was deliberately created with Midjourney, then hand-colored and modified on our graphics tools to humorously demonstrate human control of the machine.

*in reference to the modern slavery act in force in the UK and the USA. Many reputable companies in these countries rightly require their suppliers to agree in writing that they will avoid working with companies like Fiverr or Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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