Dennis Rios Gramajo

I am a Global Management major at Arizona State University and I worked as a junior content writer for ------------- Je suis étudiant en management international à Arizona State University et ai travaillé comme rédacteur de contenu junior pour
  • CRM and CXImpact IA générative sur le CRM

    Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?

    According to a recent Forrester report (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer Relationship Management systems and practices. The real question is, however, how effective GenAI could be when it comes to handling various customer-facing tasks? And how easily could it adapt to…

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  • Breaking News

    Behavioral Targeting is the right way forward

    A recent study on behavioral targeting demonstrates the evolution of consumer behavior and its impact on segmentation in consumer marketing. While criticisms of profile-based segmentations are nothing new, the study in question provides a quantified demonstration of the extent of change in this area. It also provides figures and details…

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