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Visionary Marketing gets a makeover

The Visionary Marketing site is getting a facelift as 2023 draws to a close. Twenty-eight years after its inception, and four years after obtaining our press accreditation by the French Ministry of Culture, we’ve listened to our readers. On the agenda, we improved the site’s legibility, visibility and look and feel. We will undoubtedly add new features along the way.

The new Visionary Marketing site

We have revamped the Visionary Marketing site with this new template, which brings legibility and visibility and helps to highlight our extensive work on marketing and innovation.

Complacency has never been our cup of tea, if we are talking about our work today, it’s in the interest of our readers. The changes we are making today were long awaited. It was necessary for us to improve the readability of our work and, above all, to give it better visibility.

This new version allows us to better highlight the depth of our content. As a reminder, it contains almost 2,500 articles (bearing in mind that over 500 older articles were phased out). Many of our posts tended to get lost in the meandering menus of WordPress. This deprived our readers of a lot of in-depth content, and the authors of the visits they deserved.

The old page format only displayed the latest articles, hiding the vast majority of our corpus. With this new model, we have opted for a presentation that is definitely closer to that of a news magazine. It’s more in sync with our work. We’ll also be able to feature breaking news articles published at more regular intervals.

Expect a number of changes as we continue to improve this template. Fine-tuning will also take place over time. This will allow us to make certain categories or types of articles show up more prominently.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to head to our contact form.

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Yann Gourvennec created in 1996. He is a speaker and author of 6 books. In 2014 he went from intrapreneur to entrepreneur, when he created his digital marketing agency. ———————————————————— Yann Gourvennec a créé en 1996. Il est conférencier et auteur de 6 livres. En 2014, il est passé d'intrapreneur à entrepreneur en créant son agence de marketing numérique. More »


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