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  • Linkedin-networking

    Networking and Growing Your B2B Business with LinkedIn

    Walking down the roads of strategic thinking for professional networking or business building, most of us would agree to name LinkedIn as a well-built pathway to tread on. What’s better than understanding the dynamics of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform from someone who trains consultants and is an expert…

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  • PIMs at the heart of Customer Experiences

    Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a driving force behind a good customer experience. A 2023 survey entitled “Elevating customer experiences with product experiences”, sheds light on how product information can greatly enhance CX. Virginie Blot, Product Experience Management evangelist at Akeneo, gave us her point of view and analysis…

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  • Behavioral Targeting is the right way forward

    A recent study on behavioral targeting demonstrates the evolution of consumer behavior and its impact on segmentation in consumer marketing. While criticisms of profile-based segmentations are nothing new, the study in question provides a quantified demonstration of the extent of change in this area. It also provides figures and details…

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  • Promoting employees increases risk that they leave

    A recent research led by HR software vendor ADP shows that promoting employees might be bad for employee retention. Even if this is counter intuitive, this research shows that HR hell may be paved with good intentions. The research also provides other interesting insights, namely about the number of promotions. …

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  • Visionary Marketing gets a makeover

    The Visionary Marketing site is getting a facelift as 2023 draws to a close. Twenty-eight years after its inception, and four years after obtaining our press accreditation by the French Ministry of Culture, we’ve listened to our readers. On the agenda, we improved the site’s legibility, visibility and look and…

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  • Reducing the carbon footprint of digital advertising

    Could one reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising? When it comes to carbon emissions, digital is often criticised, and programmatic advertising in particular. How big is that footprint? And how could one minimise it? How are advertisers reacting? A recent Scope3 study sheds light on this subject. It shows…

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  • Platform Business Models

    Understanding Platform Business Models Now and in the Future

    Platform business models facilitate the exchange of goods and services between two or more interdependent groups, often producers and consumers. They are responsible for totally new ways of doing business. In our interview with Benoît Reillier from Launchworks.co, we discuss his book entitled Platform Strategy, from which he derived a cartoon…

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  • Visuels médias sociaux

    How to use social media visuals more effectively

    Social media requires proper and effective visuals for your posts to be more impactful. Any first-grade student knows that. Seasoned marketers do too. That said, a recent study by Vistacreate and the Content Marketing Institute showed that there is room for improvement in that area. In this report, CMI’s Robert…

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  • Product led marketing

    App-driven product-led marketing is the new growth hack

    Digital marketing is going through a shift, and it’s app-driven product-led marketing more than digital advertising and sales as a 2022 Amplitude report shows. In our interview with Adam Greco, who a product evangelist at Amplitude, we discussed this new groundbreaking trend and the reallocation of marketing dollars towards apps to…

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  • Customer communities

    Supercharge your marketing with customer communities

    Customer communities aren’t for every brand. Yet, facilitating communities with your customers could supercharge your marketing. This is, in essence, what Sanjay d’Humières explained to us in this interview. Sanjay is the founder of RTCX (Real-Time Community Experience), a consultancy supporting businesses with their community marketing. He reminded us, lest…

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  • Buzzsumo deems Google and SEO clinically dead

    The people from Buzzsumo have released its 2023 report on the future of content marketing and it’s a must-read. Among other advice: resort more often to content repurposing and alternative social platforms and stand out from the crowd to get more visibility. The report has a few harsh words for Search Engine…

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  • Brands and social media

    Brands and social media: facing up to new challenges in 2022

    In 2022, brands are finding themselves in a long-term and increasingly complicated love-hate relationship with social media, due to the many challenges facing the sector. We are at a pivotal point in the future of these ‘new’ platforms, whose pioneers will celebrate their 20th anniversary. As TikTok is in full swing and the…

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