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The impact of website research on CX (survey)

Website search, i.e. searching for information or a product on a website (rather than on a search engine such as Bing, Duckduckgo or Google), is a topic that is rarely debated in the world of marketing and especially digital marketing. This is to us, we must admit, rather puzzling and the results of a survey we conducted on behalf of Yext [#disclosure] in the UK and France have proven that this topic is of utmost importance, not only to User Experience, nor even Customer Experience but business at large. Register for this Oct 21 online roundtable directly at

Online Roundtable: Impact of website search on CX (survey): 21 October 3:00 pm UK

Online Roundtable: Impact of website research on CX (survey): 21 October 3:00 pm UK
Not to be missed: online Roundtable with 6 leading influencers on the impact of website research on CX (survey) on 21 October 3:00 pm UK – registration at

The reason why the impact of website search goes way beyond UX and CX is simple and straightforward: when visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your websites, they will purely and simply look for it somewhere else!

Visionary Marketing conducted a survey on this topic in September 2021 on behalf of Yext and is organising a webinar on this topic on October 21 2021, at 3:00 pm UK with the participation of six UK influencers in the field of user experience and marketing.

Website search: carrying a lot of weight

The question of the importance of Website search quality is not trivial because when it comes to the so often debated topic of customer experience, marketers seem perfectly aware of the link between the two.

A study of 300 marketers in the UK and France

Online Roundtable: Impact of website research on CX (survey)
To fathom out the link between these two factors and evaluate the importance of this function on website results, Visionary Marketing conducted a survey in the UK and France on behalf of Yext and analysed the feedback from 300 senior marketers.

Online Roundtable

The results of this study were compared to those of a previous consumer survey managed by YouGov on behalf of our client.

A roundtable with 6 experts in the field of CX and digital marketing

After collecting the results of this study, we produced an interim report – an extract of which you will find below — for a panel of 6 well-known marketing and digital experts (see below picture). The event will be facilitated by Punk CX frontman Adrian Swinscoe.

  • Website search CX impact
    Our panel of 5 leading UK CX and marketing/digital marketing experts. The discussion will be facilitated by Adrian Swinscoe, CX pundit and author of Punk CX

  • Our experts will debate the topic of website search and its impact on CX after a brief reminder of the results from the survey, during an online roundtable, which will take place on October 21 2021, at 3:00 pm UK.
  • Finally, the thoughts collected during this roundtable will fuel a final version of this survey report, which will be available for download after Oct 21 and throughout the remainder of 2021.
  • Here is our panel of experts in alphabetical order:
    • Claire Boscq-Scott @cbusyqueenbee,
    • Clare Muscutt @claremuscutt,
    • Elise Quevedo @elisequevedo,
    • Naeem Arif @NAConsultingLtd,
    • Tim Hughes @Timothy_Hughes,
    • I will be presenting an exec summary of the results on behalf of Yext and Visionary Marketing

All that is left to do for you now is to register for this event at this address:

Website search impact webinar registration button

You may download the preview version of this report. A full version will be made available to all our Online roundtable participants:

Click to access summary-20211012-1100-yext-report1-uk.pdf

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