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    GenAI impact on jobs: doom or boon?

    What is the likely impact of AI and GenAI in particular on jobs, especially in Europe? Two recent reports on…

    Music and AI: Back to the Future

    Whether it’s music and AI, or AI and what have you, or even technology altogether, at Visionary Marketing we like…

    Learning AI with the help of robots

    Thomas Deneux is the founder of Learning Robots whose aim is to help pupils, students and businesses to learn AI,…

    Shopify and AI: Who’s Really in Control of Your Cart?

    In recent years, Shopify has been leading the e-commerce game with a market share of 10.32% as of 2024. Consequently,…

    B2B vs. B2C Marketing

    B2B vs B2C Marketing. One often opposes the two main kinds of marketing but aren’t they more or less six…

    Rendanheyi, the Haier Management Model

    It’s customary to turn to the US for management lessons, yet Haier, a Chinese company, has probably a lot to…

    Multicloud Synchronisation: Onecloud, Google Cloud and others

    How do you achieve multicloud synchronisation, i.e. the synchronisation between multiple clouds such as Onedrive, Google Drive and the other…

    Perceptron: A History of Neural Networks

    The Perceptron is the ancestor of Neural Networks and Generative AI, but it arrived 60 years too early and, above…

    Networking and Growing Your B2B Business with LinkedIn

    Walking down the roads of strategic thinking for professional networking or business building, most of us would agree to name…

    Nobody understands how AI works

    No one knows now AI really works an MIT reviewer states. A little while ago, at the beginning of 2024,…

    Naturally Smart Writing, Beyond the Artificial

    This piece is about proposing a framework for smart human writing. There’s such a flurry of social media content on AI…

    LinkedIn’s new features under the microscope

    What are the most outstanding new features of LinkedIn in 2024? Reid Hoffmann’s professional network was created almost 21 years…

    Luxury Venues during the 2024 Paris Olympics

    What if hiring luxury venues during the 2024 Olympics were a good opportunity for brands, even small ones?  The Olympic…

    Top 25 Marketing Opinion Leaders

    We’re publishing a short message today to say that we’ve joined the club of the world’s top 25 opinion leaders…

    The AI ‘revolution’ will not take place

    Just like the Trojan war, the AI “revolution” will not take place*. Today’s topic is the inevitable generative AI. This is…

    CSR: a survival guide for the depressed responsible marketer

    How can a responsible marketer survive when the world around us is crumbling? Or at least when experts are telling…

    Surviving the Content Shock In The Age of GenAI

    Will marketers survive the content shock in the age of AI? The Omnes Education Group launched a cross-organisational programme in…

    Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?

    According to a recent Forrester report (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer…

    What are the applications of GIS systems

    What are the applications of geographic information systems? Following our discussion with Catherine Crook, we asked Floyd Bull to answer…

    GEN AI and Content Marketing: Learning from experience

    Are Gen AI and content compatible? Adobe organised a round table discussion on that subject during their Experience Makers conference…

    A day in the life of a GIS program manager

    Visionary Marketing spoke with Catherine Crook ­– senior GIS program manager for Hexvarium – to discuss the use of geographic…

    PIMs at the heart of Customer Experiences

    Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a driving force behind a good customer experience. A 2023 survey entitled “Elevating customer…

    Behavioral Targeting is the right way forward

    A recent study on behavioral targeting demonstrates the evolution of consumer behavior and its impact on segmentation in consumer marketing.…

    Forrester’s Green Market Revolution

    The green marketMarket definition in B2B and B2C - The very notion of "market" is at the heart of any…

    Promoting employees increases risk that they leave

    A recent research led by HR software vendor ADP shows that promoting employees might be bad for employee retention. Even…

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    About Visionary Marketing

    Visionary Marketing‘s Marketing and Innovation website offers insights for marketing and innovation enthusiasts. Since its creation in 1996, the site has hosted over 2,500 articles from more than 40 authors. These articles cover a broad spectrum of topics, including marketing strategies, innovation, and the impact of digital technologies on business practices. The site aims to provide valuable information on the evolving landscape of marketing and how professionals can leverage new technologies and trends in their work. Visionary Marketing is based in the heart of Europe and was officially acknowledged as an online news website by the French Ministry of Culture in 2019.

    Exploring the intersection of marketing and technology

    One of the standout aspects of Visionary Marketing is its commitment to exploring the intersection of marketing and technology. Articles on the site examine how digital advancements, such as artificial intelligence and e-commerce, are revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers. The site doesn’t shy away from controversial or speculative topics, often questioning widely held beliefs about the future of technology and its impact on marketing strategies.

    The content on Visionary Marketing is designed to provoke thought and encourage professionals to improve their knowledge and understanding of technology and its business impact as well as marketing as a whole. Whether it’s discussing the nuances of social selling, the importance of first-party data, or the potential of blockchain technology to innovate supply chains, the site provides actionable insights that professionals can apply to their strategies.

    The human aspect of marketing

    Furthermore, Visionary Marketing places a strong emphasis on the human aspect of marketing. It advocates for personalized customer experiences, underscoring the idea that consumers are not just numbers but individuals with unique needs and preferences. This human-centric approach is evident in articles that stress the importance of understanding customer behavior and leveraging data to enhance the customer experience.

    The site also addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, offering guidance on how businesses can navigate this evolving landscape. From the integration of marketing automation tools to the development of digital in all industries, Visionary Marketing offers a roadmap for businesses looking to adapt and thrive in the digital age.

    A comprehensive resource for visionary marketers

    In essence, Visionary Marketing is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the confluence of marketing, innovation, and technology. Its rich archive of articles, spanning over two decades, provides a historical perspective on the industry’s evolution while also offering forward-looking insights that are crucial for today’s professionals.

    Human-centric creation in an AI-driven era

    An important aspect of Visionary Marketing is its commitment to content authenticity and human-centric creation. The articles published on the site are entirely crafted by individuals, which sets it apart in an era increasingly dominated by automated content generation. This human touch ensures that each piece carries the unique insights, experiences, and perspectives of its author, providing depth and relevance that is often lacking in algorithmically generated content.

    Human-centric content and the human substance charter

    Visionary Marketing’s adherence to the humansubstance.com charter is a living proof of its dedication to maintaining the integrity and quality of its content. The charter, developed in collaboration with a group of like-minded bloggers, emphasises the importance of human-generated content in preserving the essence of creativity and personal expression on the Internet. By aligning with this charter, Visionary Marketing not only champions the value of individual contribution but also takes a stand against the dilution of content quality in the digital age.

    In summary, Visionary Marketing’s dedication to man-made articles and its adherence to the humansubstance.com charter not only elevate the quality of its content but also underscore the site’s role as a trusted resource for marketing professionals and enthusiasts seeking insightful, authentic, and diverse perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and innovation.

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