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  • Linkedin-networking

    Networking and Growing Your B2B Business with LinkedIn

    Walking down the roads of strategic thinking for professional networking or business building, most of us would agree to name LinkedIn as a well-built pathway to tread on. What’s better than understanding the dynamics of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform from someone who trains consultants and is an expert…

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  • LinkedIn’s new features under the microscope

    What are the most outstanding new features of LinkedIn in 2024? Reid Hoffmann’s professional network was created almost 21 years ago (in May 2003) and acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Visionary Marketing invited Bruno Fridlansky to talk about this platform, of which he is an expert. Together we were able…

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  • AI influencer: the Incognito influencer project

    An AI Incognito Influencer in the digital world

    Visionary Marketing spoke with Katja Graisse – co-founder of Balistikart, an independent digital creative agency – to discuss the Incognito AI Influencer Project. We touch on the benefits and limitations of AI-generated influencers, the intertwining of art and business, and more. Katja provides an optimistic assessment of the current digital…

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  • Visuels médias sociaux

    How to use social media visuals more effectively

    Social media requires proper and effective visuals for your posts to be more impactful. Any first-grade student knows that. Seasoned marketers do too. That said, a recent study by Vistacreate and the Content Marketing Institute showed that there is room for improvement in that area. In this report, CMI’s Robert…

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  • LinkedIn Hackers are Targeting Pro Users in Italy and France

    Forget about phishing, enter LinkedIn hackers! cybercriminals are upping their game and are now using LinkedIn to plant viruses on your machines. As they are sending their messages through LinkedIn navigator, they are catching professional users unawares. Indeed, the latter are less prone to expect cyber attacks to originate from…

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  • Twitter strategy

    Forrester advises advertisers to put Twitter on Back Burner

    Is Twitter still the right platform for advertisers? Twitter has been in the news lately for changes that have happened within the organisation as well as in its user policies. More recently, Musk even decided to ask Twitter users whether he should resign and it seems he didn’t quite like the…

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  • Social Selling Strategy

    Social selling is about strategy it’s not about tools

    Social Selling is about strategy, it’s not about tools or tactics, let alone the infamous LinkedIn Social Selling Index. Social Media is one of the most important avenues for B2B marketers in the post-pandemic world. Let’s hear it from an expert on what it takes to be great at social and…

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  • ab

    Handshake: Is This the End of Linkedin?

    Handshake has quickly taken the world of job search platforms by storm. It has been becoming highly promoted to students through their universities in the US. This is resulting in Handshake becoming one of the top ways that students are finding jobs. With the workforce flipped upside down by Covid-19,…

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  • Brands and social media

    Brands and social media: facing up to new challenges in 2022

    In 2022, brands are finding themselves in a long-term and increasingly complicated love-hate relationship with social media, due to the many challenges facing the sector. We are at a pivotal point in the future of these ‘new’ platforms, whose pioneers will celebrate their 20th anniversary. As TikTok is in full swing and the…

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  • B2B marketing: are we all potential opinion leaders?

    Are we all potential opinion leaders in B2B? Bruno Fridlansky answers in the affirmative. According to him, this holds true not only for digital media but also in real life. Bruno emphasises the aspects that will resonate with those of us who have worked as clients or consultants. The rest…

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  • B2B social networks: imagination is the limit

    When it comes to B2B social networks, imagination is the limit. Yet, for many of us in business today, professional social networking begins and ends with LinkedIn. And sometimes, salespeople have this tendency to go overboard trying to harass as many people as they can. _”After all, it’s a sales…

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  • How to prove the impact of influence marketing to your CEO?

    Convincing your CEO that influence* marketing has an impact — however obvious to you — is not necessarily a piece of cake. Top managers are speaking a different language and their aims aren’t equivalent to yours. As is often the case in the field of communications and marketing, it is difficult…

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