A good definition for ABM will always start with #flipthefunnel. It challenges the notion of “lead” and turns the funnel upside down.

Marketing automation in B2B enables marketing processes to be managed automatically across multiple channels. With marketing automation, companies can target their visitors with automated messages via e-mail, the web, social … Read on

The Internet and social networks have revolutionized B2B buyer behavior. Most B2B buyers help themselves to the information they need

The marketing value proposition consists of highlighting the benefits that an offering or product will bring to a customer segment (read our sheet on B2B marketing segmentation) or to a particular persona (read our sheet on B2B personas).

The Business Model Canvas is a standard business model design template, particularly aimed at startups. This model is quite simple and is broken down into 9 main boxes that scan … Read on

What definition can we give to B2B content marketing? In B2C marketing, offering content to the general public is a luxury or marketing gimmick, admittedly powerful and increasingly common, but … Read on

When analysing a market from a demand perspective, there are a number of indicators available including penetration rate and elasticity. In this glossary post on demand analysis.

Définition marketing digital, un terme utilisé en permanence et pourtant bien mal compris car mal défini

Marketing ethics is a broad-ranging topic, which should be seen as a subset of business ethics.

The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as they are to B2B. Read more on the glossary page dedicated to marketing fundamentals (letter ‘M’)

While there are many definitions for B2B innovation and some are aimed at better understanding buyer behaviour.

The notion of lead generation in B2B is as old as time. What is a lead? Lead generation is not an end in itself.