There are many methods for conducting market studies in B2B like quantitative and qualitative surveys and questionnaires.

Marketing automation in B2B enables marketing processes to be managed automatically across multiple channels. With marketing automation, companies can target their visitors with automated messages via email, the web, social … Read on

Marketing ethics is a broad-ranging topic, which should be seen as a subset of business ethics.

The fundamentals of marketing are as useful to B2C as B2B. Marketing fundamentals are about the description of the principles of marketing

The marketing mix of B2B is limited to 3 P’s.

Mobile marketing in B2B is booming. B2B buyers seek the same experiences and features on their smartphones as regular consumers do.

PESTLE is the model for understanding the environment of a market (demand or supply side) and how it impacts their decision-making process

Market segmentation is as important in B2B as in B2C. Strictly speaking, segmenting means dividing one’s market into subsets (segments)

Questioning biases in B2B market research are more complex than in B2C. We have found 22 of them

What is the role of a website in B2B? Potential customers are interested in your brand and likely to visit your website for more information.

The creation of a good website for business depends on its general strategy, communication objectives, and the alignment between these.