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  • B2B and B2C marketing

    B2B vs. B2C Marketing

    B2B vs B2C Marketing. One often opposes the two main kinds of marketing but aren’t they more or less six of one and half a dozen of the other? Some time ago, Capgemini consulting, that used to be my employer at the turn of the 21st century, organised a meeting…

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  • Do you need bigger or better data on a market to boost sales?

    Let’s look at a major marketing misconception today: the more market data you have, the easier it is to do your marketer’s job. And thus to sell. Paul Millier, one of the world’s leading experts in B2B marketing, has explored this in an explanatory post on his blog and shows…

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  • Live Linkedin

    Creating Success through LinkedIn Live and Social Media

    LinkedIn Live has established itself in recent years as a must for online business-to-business events. In fact, we’ve organized many of them, in particular in partnership with Loic Simon of #SocialSellingForum (see here the page on the extended enterprise event series). I asked Loic to describe the criteria for the…

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  • Sales Enablement Superhero

    5 takeaways on the current state of Sales Enablement

    What is the current state of Sales Enablement in Europe and especially in the UK? A recent Seismic–LXA survey carried out amongst 1,000 UK, German and French professionals produced some very useful insights regarding the current transformation of the sales process. It shows how sales are becoming increasingly complex and…

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  • Ask these 3 questions if you want your customers to love your brand

    So you think your customers love your brand? Really?! Recently, I came across a motivational piece on Inc.com entitled: “People With High Emotional Intelligence Ask 3 Key Questions to Become More Likeable and Give Better Advice.” I am not usually interested in self development articles or books. However, I found…

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  • Social Selling Strategy

    Social selling is about strategy it’s not about tools

    Social Selling is about strategy, it’s not about tools or tactics, let alone the infamous LinkedIn Social Selling Index. Social Media is one of the most important avenues for B2B marketers in the post-pandemic world. Let’s hear it from an expert on what it takes to be great at social and…

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  • How to scale a B2B start-up globally in just two years

    Scaling a B2B start-up globally sounds nice, but how do you do this? To find out, I interviewed D.K. Lee, co-founder of Marqvision, a promising US start-up with operations in Korea and European presence in Paris, France. I spent some time with D.K. to understand his background, here is a written account…

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  • Can Blockchain Technology Innovate the Supply Chain ?

    Blockchain technology is transforming the supply chain with limitless potential. It’s strengthening connections, making it more secure and transparent. Therefore, it’s a gateway for consumers to hold their favorite brands and companies accountable while guaranteeing product authenticity and responsible sourcing. According to IBM: Blockchain for supply chain solutions help supply…

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  • B2B vs B2C

    B2B vs B2C: why B2B matters and deserves more media coverage

    The media tends to focus on catchy and digestible stories for readers, which leads to disproportionate coverage of B2B vs B2C, namely in the high-tech sector. To find out why, Yann Gourvennec, CEO of Visionary Marketing, asked Dave Sobel, host of the Business of Tech podcast and a leading voice…

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  • Love thy salespeople and they will love your CRM system

    A sound CRM system is a must-have in business-to-business sales. Which doesn’t mean it’s uniformly accepted by salespeople, who still tend to find it too unwieldy and useless. For good measure, NoCRM.io‘s Sunny Paris is adamant that too many CRM projects are centred around the managers’ point of view. In this post…

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  • B2B sharing economy

    B2B Sharing Economy: A multi-trillion dollar market

    The sharing economy, the circular economy, and the collaborative economy offer interesting prospects in B2B marketing, explains Navi Radjou in a video interview conducted at the Visionary Marketing Studio. Thanks to Navi Radjou’s tireless optimism, we now know that in our professional and personal lives, we can innovate for the…

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  • What could be the potential applications for the Metaverse in B2B?

    At a time when Facebook was renamed as Meta, the so-called Metaverse (check Merriam Webster’s definition) is on everybody’s lips. Whereas experts are still wondering whether there is such a thing as a Metaverse for consumers and Forrester states there aren’t any applications for that yet, I turned towards the famous…

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