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  • B2B and B2C marketing

    B2B vs. B2C Marketing

    B2B vs B2C Marketing. One often opposes the two main kinds of marketing but aren’t they more or less six of one and half a dozen of the other? Some time ago, Capgemini consulting, that used to be my employer at the turn of the 21st century, organised a meeting…

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  • Multicloud Synchronisation: Onecloud, Google Cloud and others

    How do you achieve multicloud synchronisation, i.e. the synchronisation between multiple clouds such as Onedrive, Google Drive and the other platforms that keep your precious files in the cloud? When these are spread across several incompatible services, this can quickly become mind-boggling. I discovered, somewhat by chance, a service (and even…

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  • luxury venues

    Luxury Venues during the 2024 Paris Olympics

    What if hiring luxury venues during the 2024 Olympics were a good opportunity for brands, even small ones?  The Olympic Games are only six months away from now and I was wondering how much of an opportunity it was for brands and which ones. To find out I invited Tanya…

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  • Qualitative studies

    The learning curve of qualitative studies

    The learning curve that governs qualitative marketing studies is pivotal if you want to avoid ending up with mountains of useless data. What’s more, the kind of data produced by marketing studies is unstructured and complex. Gathering too much of it will also inevitably lead to soaring costs. Our simple…

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  • Do you need bigger or better data on a market to boost sales?

    Let’s look at a major marketing misconception today: the more market data you have, the easier it is to do your marketer’s job. And thus to sell. Paul Millier, one of the world’s leading experts in B2B marketing, has explored this in an explanatory post on his blog and shows…

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  • Live Linkedin

    Creating Success through LinkedIn Live and Social Media

    LinkedIn Live has established itself in recent years as a must for online business-to-business events. In fact, we’ve organized many of them, in particular in partnership with Loic Simon of #SocialSellingForum (see here the page on the extended enterprise event series). I asked Loic to describe the criteria for the…

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  • Everyone is a creator as Roblox prepares for AI and VR

    With the release of Apple’s new Vision Pro AR-VR headset on the horizon, many companies are starting to take note. Roblox, The online gaming platform and game creation system, stands out amongst the crowd. Looking to take strides towards the future of the gaming interface and game creation. Roblox is…

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  • Authors warn that Innovate or Die mantra may be wrong

    Innovate or die is a mantra repeated by all but is it true. Getz and Robinson warn us that this may not be the case. Let’s take a bit of hindsight Innovate or Die? Beyond Deceptive Appearances Seneca, the Spanish-born Roman philosopher, statesman and dramatist once wrote “Ducunt volentem Fata,…

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  • Sales Enablement Superhero

    5 takeaways on the current state of Sales Enablement

    What is the current state of Sales Enablement in Europe and especially in the UK? A recent Seismic–LXA survey carried out amongst 1,000 UK, German and French professionals produced some very useful insights regarding the current transformation of the sales process. It shows how sales are becoming increasingly complex and…

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  • Ask these 3 questions if you want your customers to love your brand

    So you think your customers love your brand? Really?! Recently, I came across a motivational piece on entitled: “People With High Emotional Intelligence Ask 3 Key Questions to Become More Likeable and Give Better Advice.” I am not usually interested in self development articles or books. However, I found…

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  • Social Selling Strategy

    Social selling is about strategy it’s not about tools

    Social Selling is about strategy, it’s not about tools or tactics, let alone the infamous LinkedIn Social Selling Index. Social Media is one of the most important avenues for B2B marketers in the post-pandemic world. Let’s hear it from an expert on what it takes to be great at social and…

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  • perdu dans le metaverse

    The Immersive Web is Meta’s ultimate goal, not the Metaverse

    What if the immersive web were the ultimate goal of Meta’s new strategy? This idea came up during our interview with Pierric Duthoit, Business Director France at Meta, at the Tech for Retail exhibition, of which Visionary Marketing was a media partner. Pierric shared with us some of the innovations launched…

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