CRM and CX

  • Impact IA générative sur le CRM

    Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?

    According to a recent Forrester report (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer Relationship Management systems and practices. The real question is, however, how effective GenAI could be when it comes to handling various customer-facing tasks? And how easily could it adapt to…

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  • PIMs at the heart of Customer Experiences

    Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a driving force behind a good customer experience. A 2023 survey entitled “Elevating customer experiences with product experiences”, sheds light on how product information can greatly enhance CX. Virginie Blot, Product Experience Management evangelist at Akeneo, gave us her point of view and analysis…

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  • Customer value - valeur client

    Perceived value: how customers rate a product or service

    How do consumers form their perceived value of a product or service? This is the question that Bain & Company has attempted to answer in a very noteworthy brief published by Harvard Business Review. It opens up a new perspective on perceived customer value, beyond the hackneyed Maslow pyramid. This…

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  • Customer communities

    Supercharge your marketing with customer communities

    Customer communities aren’t for every brand. Yet, facilitating communities with your customers could supercharge your marketing. This is, in essence, what Sanjay d’Humières explained to us in this interview. Sanjay is the founder of RTCX (Real-Time Community Experience), a consultancy supporting businesses with their community marketing. He reminded us, lest…

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  • Brand Advocacy

    Customer service is a major source of frustration for consumers

    A worldwide survey of 7,000 people highlights the poor perception of customer service by consumers. In Europe and the rest of the world. Fortunately, technological solutions are available to marketers who want to improve their flailing customer service. This survey by is entitled “Customer Service: When Emotions Take Control”. It could serve as…

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  • taux de conversion

    First Party Data : An 18% Increase in Consumer Conversion

    First party data collection has become more important than ever. With consumer concern and the inevitable demise of third party data, companies are turning to first party data. This not only helps companies receive more accurate data, but offers a transparent and secure option for data collection. Subsequently, this is generating…

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  • Make it personal

    Make it Personal Study: Consumers Claim “They Are Not a Number” #Adobepartner

    Make It Personal is the title of Adobe’s latest research on the subject of customer experience. In a nutshell, it concludes that it’s time to put CX stereotypes to rest and deal with consumers as free human beings rather than numbers to put it in the words of Number Six. The Adobe Experience…

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  • utilisation des données

    European consumers are concerned about how brands are using their data

    Companies have been driving a wedge between them and their customers by misusing the personal consumer data they’ve collected. This generates a level of mistrust and has even caused many consumers to avoid these brands. To give us a better understanding of this situation, we look into the Adobe Trust…

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  • Love thy salespeople and they will love your CRM system

    A sound CRM system is a must-have in business-to-business sales. Which doesn’t mean it’s uniformly accepted by salespeople, who still tend to find it too unwieldy and useless. For good measure,‘s Sunny Paris is adamant that too many CRM projects are centred around the managers’ point of view. In this post…

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  • Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The PUNK CX Customer Experience

    A book on customer experience entitled Punk CX is bound to be entertaining, disruptive and provocative. Adrian Swinscoe made it also very insightful. With regard to Customer experience, frustration is overwhelming, customers want respect, it’s time to rock CX and get some service. Here’s what Adrian is telling us in…

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  • Covid-19 threatening contact centres with extinction

    Contact centres might be threatened with extinction. Covid-19 changed digital experiences for businesses and customers to a point that the new normal for contact centres may be no contact centres at all. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Adrian Benic, VP Products at Infobip, a telecommunications and IT company with a Worldwide…

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  • Relation client 360

    360-degree customer view: what it is and how it works

    Customer service in continental Europe is often bad-mouthed. However, best practices in that area do exist. I interviewed Alexandre Oddos, COO at Vocalcom, a French-based worldwide vendor of customer relationships solutions, to understand the true meaning of a 360-degree customer view. What is it and how does it work, beyond…

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