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6 free digital strategy eBooks written by our students

Here is a little text I wrote some time ago in order to introduce a set of ebooks based on the work carried out by my students of the Advanced Master’s in Digital Business Business Strategy of Grenoble Ecole de Management. Digital Me Up was created five years ago. I decided to create that online space in order to serve a business case for content marketing. My idea was that, if I encouraged them well enough, our students would end up liking the blog so much that writing in it would not be pure pleasure.

6 free digital strategy eBooks written by our students

4 of our 6 free digital strategy ebooks
4 of our 6 free digital strategy ebooks

In essence, the idea was to give them the taste for content marketing rather force-feed them with concepts about content marketing. Less theory, more practice.
This is what we call the GLM (GEM Learning model, a practical way of learning things aimed at getting students to learn by doing.

The result went beyond my expectations. Not only is the blog, five years after its introduction, generating twice as many visits as the main master’s page, it is instrumental for the online reputation of our students.

in 2018 and 2019, four of them were offered full-time jobs thanks to content which they had published on this blog.

But enough beating about the bush, I am now inviting you to read the introduction to these digital strategy ebooks and mostly, the ebooks themselves.

6 digital strategy ebooks

Our digital strategy eBooks are made available in pdf format and under an open creative commons licence
Our digital strategy eBooks are made available in pdf format and under an open creative commons licence

We teach digital and live and breathe digital.

We are also keen that our students do so.

This is why we created Digital Me Up.

It’s a blog but it’s more than just a blog. Digital Me Up is a tool and a course, and an assignment.

But also and mostly, it’s a lot of fun! I have practised digital content marketing for almost a quarter of a century and I have come to the conclusion that practice is everything.

Beyond practice however, innovation and creativity are key.

As a matter of fact, one cannot teach content marketing per se. Writing is an Art, its possibilities are endless, all you need to do is convince your audience that they are better at it than they think and a flow of content will pour from them.

Not just content as a matter of fact: thoughts, suggestions, assumptions, debates and explanations.

As Mark Weiser once put it, The ability to represent spoken language symbolically for long-term storage freed information from the limits of individual memory.

Thus, rather than boring our students with tonnes of concepts, we merely asked them to think, research and write about the things they feel passionate about. What is the result?

Well, they are doing a pretty good job and we are proud of it, hence this blogbook and a few others.

Digital Me Up is one example amongst many others of what we call the GEM Learning Model.

An innovative teaching model

A teaching model whereby we spur self discovery and offer guidance after our learners have discovered by themselves that they knew more than they originally thought. This is what helps them reach higher levels faster, more easily.

With our supervision and support of course. Truth be told, I don’t need to tell you that they are doing a good job.

Many who have written on this blog have found jobs in no time. No further demonstration is necessary.

Enjoy the digital strategy eBooks and share the love!

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