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7 Video Marketing Insights To Get You Noticed

What are the video marketing insights which will make you stand out from the crowd? Video marketing is incredibly powerful. Don’t believe me? I promise you, by the end of this post you will be converted. Not only that, you’ll be inspired to start creating your own branded video, regardless of budget. In this article, we’re going to look at different types of video that can be used for marketing purposes, as well as what techniques you can use to optimize them and improve engagement with your audience.

7 Video Marketing Insights To Get You Noticed

7 Video Marketing Insights To Get You Noticed

If you’re in ecommerce and are investing in content, or have a brand website, you should also have a video content strategy. There are lots of considerations to take into account when creating your brand’s video content. In this post we’ll discuss format, purpose, creation, representation, distribution – and importantly, how to optimize for the best ROI.
7 video insights to get you noticed

Tried and tested video styles that convert

Video should be entertaining, emotional and memorable, and when it’s all three, it can turn your marketing strategy into something remarkable.
Take a look at some examples of video marketing that have worked wonders for brands and converted customers:

GoPro – Entertains with action and storytelling

Each of these brand videos uses storytelling, entertainment and brand culture to create successful video campaigns that continue to be shared. Think about how you can use these tactics in your video campaigns.

Every video needs a purpose

In each of the above videos, the content has a specific aim and uses video techniques to attract and hold audience attention. Posting to ensure your brand is visible to your audience is really important, but just posting for the sake of it shows. Planning and posting video content should follow the same strategy as any other content marketing. Consider the following:

  • What is the purpose and who is the audience?
  • What do you want the viewer to do?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Does it excite, motivate and cause an emotional response?
  • What length is best for the purpose and audience?
  • Is it informative and valuable?
  • Is it shareable?

“90% of video viewers say product videos are useful in their buying decisions.” (HubSpot)

Using video to entice customers will put you on the front foot and help you win business.

The social video sell

Social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, have made it a breeze for brands to showcase their products and make them highly discoverable.
Instagram has made it possible for brands to sell directly from a user’s feed. Similar to Facebook advertising, brands can insert their video into the audience feed and trigger an ad: with or without sound. When a user clicks on the video, your ecommerce store is open.
It’s not just big budget campaigns that can create engaging and successful video. User generated content (UGC) is being harnessed by brands to encourage existing fans and customers to promote products via social media campaigns. Using your customers to create content, or to be involved in the creation of your content, is a great way to engage and get your video shared.

In this Applebee’s video, the brand used social media, live streaming, and fan interaction to generate content that paid off.  Between December 19, 2013 and January 9, 2014, the video received more than 190,000 views. (Shortyawards)

How video can improve SEO

You’ve created a brand video you’re proud of and it’s time to share it with the world. For your video to have maximum impact, you need to consider aspects outside of the video itself that will help you rank on Google and be useful for your viewers. This means thinking about how you describe your video, how you distribute it, and how shareable it is.

  • Identify trends and use hashtags below your video content to make it more discoverable and give it context
  • Google’s eight-legged search critters cannot read video content; they need copy to be able to rank the content for relevance and quality. Always transcribe the video underneath in a blog format or give a summary of the video. Failing to do this will cost you rankings and ROI
  • Create links by sharing your video with others. If the content you create is useful, others may want to use it in blog posts or share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every link from a third party creates authority for you and helps rank your page higher
  • Distribution is key, so create a marketing plan for the videos you create
  • Link to social media wherever you post your video to encourage others to share it via their social channels

Product videos and shareability: the secret sauce for ecommerce brands

Ecommerce brands can benefit from the use of video, not only in their marketing strategy, but with product videos. They can incorporate useful demo videos into their product or landing pages to boost overall engagement. To get above the competition, ecommerce stores can offer insightful video content to give their customers a more interactive shopping experience that they will remember long after their purchase.
Video is content that customers are more likely to share with friends and family. Take a look at this ecommerce store that’s using video to engage their audience.

Theory11 – Storytelling product video

Theory 11 take production value seriously with their ‘mystery box’ product video. Their video looks sleek and profeSsional, to match their brand voice and website design. Their store, powered by Shopify, supports video media seamlessly to give customers a more immersive experience.
Ecommerce giants, like ASOS, are using video to display products to customers. Their ‘catwalk’ videos have been a huge hit since they introduced them to their online store.

ASOS – Product videos and catwalk

Creating content that gets shared is a marketing strategy that pays dividends. Peer-to-peer recommendations help your business scale and give your brand credibility. Post your video content on product pages, blog posts and your homepage, and make sure your ecommerce site supports video on desktop and mobile.

The live video phenomenon

Live video has taken the world of video consumption and creation by storm. It’s now easier than ever to create immediate, impactful brand messages.
When your brand creates live video, you’re inviting your audience to witness something special in real time — a moment they can experience with you that will never be experienced in the same way again. Your audience can feed back, ask questions and be part of a branded event.
The level of engagement in live streaming is deeper than watching on-demand content, and it’s highly memorable. Promote and brand your live video streams and open up potential for new relationships with your audience that transcend the sale.

Video marketing insights: ROI in brand video

As aptly stated on Quickregister SEO, “Video traffic is free! Once the video is published, thousands of people can click on your links in the video description and you pay nothing.”
Once the initial cost of making your video has been recouped, the content just keeps generating marketing magic for you, enticing audiences to click, and converting new customers.
If you weren’t a video believer before this post, then with any luck you are now. Give video a go and you’ll find it has a positive brand impact. Measure the success of your campaigns and try different creative and film techniques to get the very best out of this incredibly popular medium.

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