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5 Ways to Use Content Marketing for Ecommerce Success

If you are looking to sell products online, whether that’s clothing, jewellery or anything else, content is important.Valuable, great content creates trust, builds your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd of other e-commerce stores. Content marketing can draw in prospects, it can convert these prospects into customers and most importantly can close more deals and create more sales for your ecommerce store. Content is the big buzz word in digital marketing at the present, as everyone is saying “content is king” (I even feel cliché for saying it). But, content has become the most important part of digital marketing, and should be the backbone of your e-commerce marketing too.

Content Marketing and E-commerce

Here are a few reasons how a proper content marketing strategy can give you e-commerce success:

  • Improve user engagement, increase your customer base and build important relationships between your current customers and your brand.
  • Raise awareness of your brand.
  • Improve your ranking in search engines, target keywords with your content to find customers who are searching for products just like yours.
  • Provide support and help. Create useful content like how-to’s, user manuals and guides. And don’t forget to promptly answer customer queries.
  • Enhanced social reach, share content through social media to reach a larger audience.

What content should you be creating for your e-commerce store?

This can depend on your industry, what products you sell and your target market. This is a point you must remember, not just for content marketing, but it is the #1 rule in marketing, know your market, before creating any content, know who your current customers are, know who your potential customers are, and make sure your content is optimised for them.
E commerce and content
So here are 5 ways to use content marketing for e-commerce store success.

  1. Set a Goal

Before creating your content marketing strategy, you should set goals, for both each piece of content and overall. Set something to aim for, whether that is increasing overall sales and customers, gaining new email subscribers or even just engaging or helping your current customers. Having a goal will help you create content for a specific cause.

  1. Create How-to Videos and Guides

Creating how-to videos or guides are a great way to hook people into your product through your content. Making how-to videos which simply and easily explains your product is great, although how to use your product may be obvious for you, it may not be for your customers. Giving customers and potential leads advice on topics directly related to your product builds your authority, as well as your customer base. A great example of this is to create a large amount of content that informs and teaches people beyond your specific product to reach larger audiences. This works great, as you are giving something away for free to attract potential customers to your product and brand. Never underestimate the power of teaching others.

  1. Use Pretty Pictures

As an e-commerce store, you sell one thing, your product (or of course products). One thing that can sell and create a buzz of a product is visual content. And nothing ignites the impulses of your customers better than a high-quality photo. Stunning pictures of your product can sell but they are also great for posting on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter, and are just begging your followers to share them with their friends.

Pretty pictures have a great impact on content marketing
Pretty images play an important role in content marketing – Photo by Mia Tawilé

  1. Become a Media Outlet

Create and publish content related to news and information in your niche, this is something I do regularly for a client of mine within the music streaming industry, and is great if you’re looking in becoming an all-out authority within your industry. If you can create a hub where your audience can get all the info they need about your industry, you’ll inspire more trust, build your brand and get a TON of traffic through your content. And most importantly you’ll separate yourself from companies who are always selling their products, no-one likes the hard sell. To go one step further with this you can set up a whole new media outlet site that is linked with your e-commerce site.

  1. Consistent Content

If you want to build customer loyalty as well as your audience? Creating a consistent flow of content is vital. This may seem like a daunting task at first but with the right content marketing strategy and calendar this can be done by any e-commerce company. Content marketing is a marathon not a sprint, you need to build your content slowly and the results will show.
By creating content, you will boost your search results, inspire and educate your audience, build your brand, make more sales and most importantly make a success of your e-commerce company.

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