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The Man Who Wants To Teach The Web To The Whole World

There is a man in California, who wants to teach the Web to the whole world. November 2013, a very important event, named Web2connect is about to take place in Paris, France. Web2connect, as the name goes, is the place to be for all start-ups and Internet professionals in France who want to hook up together, network, and exchange tips and tricks.

The Man Who Wants To Teach The Web To The Whole World

The Man Who Wants To Teach The Web To The Whole World
The Man Who Wants To Teach The Web To The Whole World

As part of the organisation of the web2connect event, I have been able to interview Aaron Paxton Kahlow, the founder of the online marketing Institute, who will be one of the speakers next week.

Aaron has 13 years of experience in web matters, he is, therefore, an online veteran, so to speak. He started his career by founding a web agency with his brother, “in the back of a dentist office” and this is now a thriving business employing more than 100 people, in San Diego, California.

He then decided to move on to create the Online marketing summit. This event has been a real success and has been instrumental in spreading the word about digital around the world but Aaron, after a while, has wanted to change pace and decided to sell the online marketing Summit in order to set up a new company called the online marketing Institute.

“It was impossible for us to teach the world using traditional techniques,” he said and so he decided to “use this thing called the Internet to teach digital to the world”. He then proceeded to record hundreds of presentations which are turned into online courses and the result is a real success, both in the United States and the rest of the world.

This new venture called the online marketing Institute will soon be opening in France, which Aaron sees as being one of the top tier countries for digital practice in the world.

The online lectures hosted by the online marketing Institute are very varied and cover various subjects such as social media, content marketing, mobile web or even how to work together and even big data. Here is my interview with Aaron, which I recorded a couple of days ago over the telephone:

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