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  • How AI works

    Nobody understands how AI works

    No one knows now AI really works an MIT reviewer states. A little while ago, at the beginning of 2024, we released a piece stating that the AI revolution would not take place. We understand that this was a very bold move. A few readers laughed, most dismissed the idea…

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  • Naturally Smart Writing, Beyond the Artificial

    This piece is about proposing a framework for smart human writing. There’s such a flurry of social media content on AI one can legitimately feel bewildered. Every day we are overwhelmed with new GenAI tools, all deemed more “revolutionary” than those we had the day before. But do these tools really make…

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  • The AI ‘revolution’ will not take place

    Just like the Trojan war, the AI “revolution” will not take place*. Today’s topic is the inevitable generative AI. This is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss what a technological revolution is or isn’t. Here are our thoughts, and we might as well warn you that we are putting our…

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  • SHIFT-GENAI-content-creation

    Surviving the Content Shock In The Age of GenAI

    Will marketers survive the content shock in the age of AI? The Omnes Education Group launched a cross-organisational programme in English called “Content creation in the age of AI” to help its students better understand GenAI. Close to 1,000 students will be certified in this program by early February 2024.…

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  • Impact IA générative sur le CRM

    Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?

    According to a recent Forrester report (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer Relationship Management systems and practices. The real question is, however, how effective GenAI could be when it comes to handling various customer-facing tasks? And how easily could it adapt to…

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  • GEN AI and Content Marketing: Learning from experience

    Are Gen AI and content compatible? Adobe organised a round table discussion on that subject during their Experience Makers conference in Paris in early November. The debate brought together a few digital experts. During this discussion, I mentioned that there were limitations to Gen AI images and that they weren’t…

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  • révolution écologique

    Forrester’s Green Market Revolution

    The green market revolution (impacts, how to adapt and change retail business models and organisations) was the title of Forrester‘s Thomas Husson’s Keynote at the Paris Retail Week 2023 Trade Show. A topic of vital interest to our readers and ourselves. We interviewed Thomas to better understand how urgent the…

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  • Implementing AI within businesses

    AI may be fun to play with but its implementation within businesses is a tad more complex. Visionary Marketing attended a round table discussion on the impact of generative AI on businesses and the future of work at Big Data AI Paris in September 2023. AI and IT experts from…

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  • generative AI and photography

    Generative AI and its potential impact on photography

    Could Generative AI be a game-changer for photography and photographers? Photography has been around for over a century and relies on the creativity and expertise of photographers. But what will happen with the advent of generative AI applications that can create photos in a matter of seconds? Here’s a thought-provoking…

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  • Is prompt engineering really worth $335,000?

    Ever heard of Prompt Engineering? That’s what was at the heart of a keynote by Lee Odden at the B2B Summit 2023 that took place in Paris last June. As technology makes headway, more and more jobs may well be transformed. As marketers, we too are being urged to change. In…

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  • Everyone is a creator as Roblox prepares for AI and VR

    With the release of Apple’s new Vision Pro AR-VR headset on the horizon, many companies are starting to take note. Roblox, The online gaming platform and game creation system, stands out amongst the crowd. Looking to take strides towards the future of the gaming interface and game creation. Roblox is…

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  • Gen AI and the evolution of Marketing Jobs

    Marketing is going through a major evolution, our jobs are changing, and marketing professionals will have to seriously ramp up their skills. After a 4-year hiatus, we had the pleasure of attending the 2023 Adobe Summit in London. The US tech giant* issued major announcements during that event. Beyond that,…

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