mobile OS market share comparison (via @icrossing_uk)

There are several ways of looking at the market share comparison map by iCrossing. One is to highlight that Apple now has gone over the 50% market share mark in many countries (per below). Another is to stress that France and Australia are even the 60% bar, which is absolutely amazing. A third would be to spot that in America, their market share is only 35%, but that Blackberry is taking the plunge save for Britain (numbers per below). A fourth would be to show that Android is very strong in South Korea but still falls behind in countries like France and Spain and UK. Eventually, Nokia is still strongest in most emerging countries – countries in which feature phones are king – but time will tell whether the Windows phone gamble will work out for them. In any case, this map is really useful; a fine job.
for those who might wonder about the representativeness of the the data, it has been  collected from the website

Mobile OS market shares
This map shows the popularity of different mobile browsing platforms country by country, with some interesting results.
Apple’s dominance can clearly be seen, with the iPhone and iTouch accounting for over half the market in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Japan.
via Mobile browser market share map – iCrossing.

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