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The paid version of Hootsuite is now available

Here it is, Hootsuite will cease to be a free application. Here is the e-mail I received today and here is the price structure. There are pro and basic accounts, but I can’t see mentions of enterprise accounts with more features unless mistaken.

The paid version of Hootsuite is now available

The paid version of Hootsuite is now available
The paid version of Hootsuite is now available

Hello Yann Gourvennec, Wow, it’s been almost 2 years since we launched HootSuite. Since then, HootSuite has crossed over 900 thousand users with 1.9 million social networks, and now manages 1 million outbound messages per day with a team of nearly 30 employees, plus we’ve released free mobile apps for several major platforms (with more to come), and forged close partnerships with our friends at Twitter and Facebook… and we couldn’t have done it without you.
A few months back, we let you know that we would start offering both free and paid plans. Since this announcement, we’ve listened closely to your feedback, adjusted plans and are now happy to show you under the hood. We are excited to release these plans as they will allow our talented team to keep building out the functionality you love. Trust us, the road-map ahead is really amazing!

Upgrade today for a 30-day free trial
Choose the increased features of a Pro plan, or remain with the free Basic account, we’ll love you either way. And we don’t want to rush you so you’ll have 7 days to compare and select your plan. Thank you for your support of HootSuite, we look forward to helping your future social media efforts.
Ryan Holmes – HootSuite CEO, @invoker
P.S. We’re here to help you make the right decision for your needs with these resources:

  1. Plans page – compare the features:
  2. Help Desk – articles about plans:
  3. Twitter Help – questions and comments: @hootsuite_help
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