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Video is the medium of the future Cisco Social Media expert says

Video is the medium of the future. In this article, we’ll describe the takeaways from John Earnhardt’s presentation at BlogWell about the development of Corporate WebTVs and Vlogging and I will also establish a comparison – in part two of this post – with our own experience on the launch of our own WebTV at

Video is the medium of the future Cisco Social Media expert says

Video is the medium of the future Cisco Social Media expert says
Video is the medium of the future Cisco Social Media expert says

Video medium usage on the way up in the future

There has been a lot of talking about that for a long long time, and by dint of spreading the self-fulfilling prophecy, we are now witnessing an incredible development of video usage on the Internet.

I am not afraid to say now that WebTVs and videos, in general, are an absolute must-have for website owners. And it’s not just about YouTube and other social media websites.

Of course videos are used and disseminated through this kind of websites. But there are also private WebTVs being set up by enterprises and there are good reasons for this. Big logos are now using this new means of communications to send more direct messages, less top-down, easier to record and understand.

Cisco’s John Earnhardt who was speaking at the BlogWell ( conference at the end of October 2008 in San Jose, California (BlogWell was an event organised by GasPedal, Andy Sernovitz’s company, and took place at the conference centre of San Jose on October 28, 2008. Andy Sernovitz is also the author of Word-of-mouth Marketing: praised this new medium quite extensively and gave us insight as to how Cisco is making the most of its use. John is in charge of multimedia on behalf of the American equipment manufacturer.

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  1. This may change the playing field for internet commerce. It was a pretty even playing field for small and large companies when it was text based. Amateur quality video may be ok for now, but as bigger companies with deep pockets begin to produce higher quality video it may swing the advantage back to the big boys.
    Tom Kelly
    CRM Review

  2. Actually, one of the main takeaways from Cisco’s presentation – and also the feedback from my own experience – shows that the best results aren’t achieved with the most impressive of videos. As a matter of fact, the simpler the better. I don’t believe that the ‘big boys’ are therefore at an advantage here, possibly the contrary. They do have to learn how to do things more simply. And that is a challenge, believe me…

  3. There is also a rumor that Google is pushing the technology to be able to listen and identify the voice into text to determine relevance. Video is viral but also changing rapidly in the online marketing field.

  4. They say that YouTube is doing more search queries than almost every search engine (except Google) oh wait thay are Google!

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