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Must businesses have a social media presence?

Some think that B2B and social media don’t mix. That is wrong: They perfectly do. It is very interesting to look at this aspect of social media presence. There are many questions that people ask themselves when it comes to B2B and social media. Must businesses have a social media presence? Can a major business avoid being on social networks today? Does that concerne businesses in the manufacturing sector? In your opinion, is Space a trending topic on social networks? All these questions are answered by Yann Gourvennec in this article, during his visit at Thales Alenia Space. 

Must businesses have a social media presence?

Most B2B brands are deemed “under the radar”. This means that there are few or no spontaneous conversations on the Web about them. Social Media makes it possible for small hyperactive communities of like minded professionals to engage in passionate discussions about their subjects.Is is important to creating conversation and content on social media. Why? Because it can help you motivate your community to discuss different interesting aspects about your company. Possibilities are endless: the future of your business, best practices, the evolution of your services etc. Imagination is the limit.
There is one intriguing paradox in this: the less you’ll talk about your products, the more clients will buy from you.

Can a major business avoid being on social networks today?

It has nothing to do with “today”. I have practiced social media in businesses for 13 years now. It seems rather difficult indeed. Besides, it would be a shame to miss all these opportunities offered by Social Media. The most important opportunity being engagement. A company that has no social media presence is a company that is missing out on a lot.

Does that concern businesses in the manufacturing sector?

I have repeated time and time again for 10 years than B2B is the future of social media. The manufacturing sector is no exception to this rule. B2B is made of exciting subjects share amongst passionate professionals who are not afraid of bad publicity because they mostly exchange between themselves.
As manufacturing is a technical sphere, there is a huge potential to be extracted from it: exchanging and explaining some technicalities to

In your opinion, is Space a trending topic on social networks?

Seattle Space Needle
Space is always an interesting topic that creates curiosity

I find your question rather strange to be honest. Space is a huge subject on social media. It makes it possible for you to address the general public. Think about Regis McKenna’s mantra: “think about your clients’ clients”. Opportunities abound with such a brilliant topic at hand. Space is a topic that draws the attention of everyone. No matter how old we are, this is something that makes us all curious.

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