keynoting at Likeminds 2010, Exeter on behalf of Orange Business Services

At the end of February (26-28), I will be a keynote speaker at the LikeMinds summit in Exeter, Devon. Likeminds is organised by Scott Gould (@Scottgould on Twitter), and I owe this presentation to Olivier Blanchard‘s recommendation. Olivier is the author of the renowned and top-notch Brandbuilder blog and I happened to bump into him at our latest SMBC Atlanta Blogwell conference last November 2009.
This conference is dedicated to some of the best business cases of 2009 on social media. As pointed out by Olivier, the ‘Social Media’ monicker isn’t probably very important. I had previously remarked in Atlanta that common understanding on that terminology was far from being a given. I am not really crazy about calling what we do Social Media by the way; and I wrote what I thought from day one (see here “Web 2.0 is dead, long live Social Media” – June 2008).
ReadwriteWeb is even more radical and suggests that we use  an entire different terminology (“mass opinion”), which I like even less. Whether it is debatable that “social media” is social and even more that it is a medium (I rather fancy it being a META-medium) mass opinion is in my eyes too reminiscent of the old world of mass marketing and mass media. So did we do all this to end up here? Much of an anti-climax I would say, so I won’t give in.

“What matters”, Olivier writes on his blog : “is that whether you used Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, Ning, flickr, youtube, neighborhood canvassing, special events, phone calls, face-to-face interactions, sky-writing or any combination thereof to create human to human connections around a program, campaign, cause or brand in the last year – and it worked, we want to hear about it.”

that seems to be the sensible thing to say, needless to paraphrase it.

note: the word “campaign” is actually not my cup of tea. But I can understand that we Web and Neo Marketing experts can sometimes go a little bit too far, so I will try and withhold my Pinko Marketing revolution for a while. Well… I’ll try anyway, but I can’t guarantee that!
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