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Moonjee: win prizes in marketing contest

You’ve only got 3 days left but I guess some of you may have a go at it anyway. These guys from Moonjee are offering cash prizes if you take part in their collaborative marketing experience and help him with their new venture. Take your chances and good luck!


IDEA CONTEST: How can Moonjee be launched to thousands of users as an engaging web application that transforms photos in fun and useful ways?
Win cash prizes up to $150. Contest Ends July 3, 2008.
Watch this video of Moonjee and generate ideas on the following questions:
a) How can Moonjee gain thousands of users by marketing online?
b) What are some cool or creative ways for Moonjee to earn revenues?, and
c) Which new interesting features can Moonjee create for the next generation of its website?
Additional Background:
Moonjee is a web application that allows users to have fun with photos of people. Moonjee lets you change the way people look and even do an online makeover. Think about how you might you increase awareness of Moonjee, market it in different ways, and ultimately add thousands of new users and earn revenue to support future development of the site. Your creative ideas could include online marketing strategies on specific websites, video concept ideas, search engine optimization, ad revenue sources or affiliates to use, or even specific partnership ideas with other organizations or websites. In addition to marketing, which engaging features might they add to make the site more entertaining or useful for users?
Contest Rules:
Judges will select the top 5 rated brainstormers who have provided the highest number of good ideas in response to the questions. Brainstorming will be open from June 19 to July 3. Within 30 days after the contest closes BrainReactions will email the top 5 brainstormers and arrange award payment with Paypal. Top brainstormer will receive $150, 2nd place $125, 3rd place $100, 4th place $75, and 5th place $50.

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