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Word-of-Mouth: when unbiased opinions are trusted globally

All recent studies demonstrate that word-of-mouth (WOM) has more of an impact than any other traditional forms of communication. Having a word-of-mouth and social marketing strategy is, therefore, becoming essential and marketers will have to quickly learn how to effectively target consumer influencers.

When unbiased opinions are trusted globally

They should focus as much attention on what consumers are saying about their brands online as they do on any other form of communication.


Word-of-mouth marketing may be the oldest form of advertising but, as a marketing discipline, is a relatively new and increasingly important phenomenon that should be considered as a double-edged sword by marketers.

Indeed, the more companies try to control or direct word-of-mouth, the greater their risk of failure. Inspiring consumers to “spread the word” is challenging, and clumsy attempts at it can do more harm than good.

Marketers, therefore, need an authentic approach to make word-of-mouth work well. On the other hand, properly executed, WOM marketing is an incredibly effective weapon in the marketing arsenal, because the message comes from a trusted source.

Giving consumers a reason to talk about you, making it easy for them to share information, engaging and energising them to spread the good word are key ingredients of any word-of-mouth marketing campaign. Here are a couple of tips & tactics to start reaping the benefits of effective WOM marketing …

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  1. Indeed, Word of mouth or usually called viral marketing is the basic of all marketing promotion in the world. but that’s not easy, you must have top quality product to make this work!

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