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The Innovation Machine is a must-read for would be innovators

An innovation machine? Come on! Baumgartner, the founder of the group of companies and the developer of the Jenni idea campaign management software is posting a whitepaper on his website describing how you can set up an innovation strategy for your corporate organisation.

The picture on the cover (see it reproduced hereunder) is hilarious but as often with funny things, it is also very clear-cut when it comes to describing the innovation process. A must-read.

A must-read for innovators: The Innovation Machine – Jeffrey Baumgartner

The Innovation Machine
The Innovation Machine

The corporate innovation machine is a model for understanding how to implement an effective, idea management based innovation strategy in your firm.

As with any machine, it comprises several components, all of which must work together for the machine to function properly. When the entire machine does work, it builds ideas, evaluates those ideas and implements the best ideas as a new product, service and operational improvements which translate into increased revenues for your firm.

Powered by management

The machine is powered by management. Just as the most sophisticated machine will not run without a power source, likewise your corporate innovation strategy will go nowhere without top management taking the lead.

Management’s main task is to create within the organisation a culture of innovation which will empower workers to think creatively, collaborate on ideas and contribute their ideas to the company. This is not an easy task but done well it will make the construction of the remainder of the machine a relatively easy job.

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