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Making Preparations for Adobe Summit 2023

It’s this time of year, Adobe summit 2023 is taking place on June, 8–9 in London and Visionary Marketing will be there as #adobepartner (disclosure*). After a few years where the event only took place online (check our coverage here). It’s now a hybrid event, which is taking place both online and offline. As we are packing our bags for the event, complete with gimbal, digital camera, iPad, iPhone and personal computer, we are thrilled to be sharing some of the things we are most excited about this event.

Making Preparations for Adobe Summit 2023

Adobe Summit 2023
Adobe Summit 2023 – online

* Disclosure, Adobe is a client of Visionary Marketing

Live reporting from London on the Adobe Summit 2023

This year, we will be reporting live from the event in London with social media and video snippets. They will be posted online on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. And, of course, this very blog. You should therefore expect some live reports from us online on the summit at our dedicated Adobe page at

Adobe Summit 2023
The Adobe Summit 2023 Event Page

We are very excited at Visionary Marketing. This is one of these moments when we are going to be able to talk and exchange with some of the most brilliant people in the industry. There’s no way one can avoid it. This year is going to be the year of generative AI. And Adobe is also a major player in this arena. A lot more cautious than others, but the headway shown in the past few weeks have been amazing.

Content Production in Businesses, a New Perspective

Here, I’m talking about the use of these new technologies with regards to contact production. Tomorrow, I will be publishing a demonstration of Adobe firefly and the firefly integration within Photoshop/These are the most stunning things that I have ever seen in the past 10 years.

These tools aren’t mere features within the existing Adobe suite. They give more creative powers to marketers who want to spruce up their content with relevant, impactful images.

The use of generative AI to produce images has already impacted content production too, in a big way. And businesses aren’t immune to it. If we look at it positively, we believe that generative AI for image production, when used positively, responsively and creatively, can be a means for marketers to create more impactful and exciting experiences for their customers.

At Visionary Marketing, we have already resorted to various AI generated image tools to populate our blogs in the past few months. There are limitations to this, though. Copyright Issues to start with.

A Few Issues and the Way Forward

Generative AI is using pre-training (hence the PT in chatG”PT’) and such training takes place from a given database (and very soon the database which is the current copy of the web retained by search engines). Even though those images are not exactly copied from the original, they are indeed inspired by them. This has triggered many issues from a legal point of view, and a couple of lawsuits as well.

Mes points - a priori - les plus intéressants
Mes points — a priori — les plus intéressants

Adobe has followed a different route. The company released a new application within its creative suite which is now currently available as a beta version. It’s called firefly and those who want to try it can go to

The Adobe Summit 2023 will be a great way for us to rub shoulders with those who shape our industry and the future of our marketing teams and the overall profession. Content creation will be challenged in an incredible way now and in the years to come. If we embrace these technologies and use them responsibly, there will be huge opportunities for us, for creativity, for reinventing content marketing.

This event is a great opportunity for us to understand what trends are in the works in the marketing industry.

We will namely be talking with Luc Damann, President of EMEA and Jamie Brighton, Director of product marketing digital experience and we will be attending many live sessions.

We will attend press meetings as well regarding the ‘immersive retail experience’. Last but not least, the Adobe sneaks is a very exciting part of the Adobe Summit. Stay tuned and register now for this amazing event.

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