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Mobile devices: a platform for the growth of video advertising

In recent years, two major markets have experienced strong growth and have become crucial in improving the consumer perception of brands and companies.

mobileOn one hand, there is the mobile market, whose spectacular growth has enabled mobile devices to become the most sought after means for consumers to access information online. When consumers are influenced by a technology, businesses do not lag behind in boarding the same cruise.  

For companies and brands, this growth has caused mobile to emerge as a communication channel in its own right. Hence, brands must position their content efficiently and assiduously.
On the other hand, the video market has established a significant position in the world of content. Internet users are increasingly accessing online videos and consuming more and more information via this channel.

These two elements have become intertwined and share a strong connection with each other. The data retrieved from both these channels serves as a basis for brands to build positioning strategies and also helps them to improve their relationships with consumers. Mobile is the platform used by the public to access videos, and as a result, brands and companies use this path to reach their audience.
Companies that make video ads allot a significant portion of their advertising budget to mobile. According to a study based on a US sample, mobile is the main reason for the growth of video advertising. It predicts that mobile will be a key element in video advertising and will gain the greatest growth rate. According to the same study, 72% of the growth in video advertising will be through mobile devices.

Why do we see such growth?

The growth of investments that are pouring in for mobile advertising is strongly linked to the in-demand video market and how different audiences consume content. Watching a video from a mobile has become a part of our habits now. 
Due to the standardization of size of mobile screens by manufacturers, the viewing experience of the consumers is only improving. They have become more demanding in terms of the quality of the videos they
On top of it, we have the trend of visualization called “on the go” which is brought in by the improved mobile plans that allow access to content without consuming too much mobile data.
The new ways of working adopted by companies nowadays has largely impacted these trends: Employees are increasingly using their mobile devices for work. New telecommunication technology tools, such as call centers on the cloud, favour the use of personal mobile devices as working tools.
On the other hand, the type of content offered in the videos and their constant availability, means that consumers are always wanting more. The time spent watching longer mobile videos continues to grow- becoming twofold in 2017 than the previous year’s.

An attractive solution for advertisers

The contents are not only of longer duration, but also of a progressively improving quality. This has a profound impact on the relationship between consumers and content and paves way for marketing managers to capitalize on content as a quality advertising tool …
This digital alternative to traditional publishing is very attractive for marketing professionals, as it is more efficient than the latter. Because of customization, the amount of advertising that misses its target is minimized, since all the potential customers can receive an advertisement adapted to their profile.


It’s no longer a secret, consumers use their smartphones far more than computers or television. Any business that does not run mobile advertising campaigns misses great opportunities to reach potential consumers.
With the evolution and standardization of devices, the video format is booming on mobiles. Companies must know how to incorporate mobile video advertising to optimize their campaigns.

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