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Microsoft kills the PC, once again, but it might not work

Microsoft is trying to kill the good ol’ PC once again, but it might not work. As Erik Sherman demonstrates in his piece on the death of the PC. After all, as the late  Mark Weiser (the true inventor of tablets) originally came up with his idea of ‘ubiquitous computing‘ in the 1970s, one may assume that this was bound to happen. Except that it hasn’t happened yet and long time tablet-owners and extensive users of these devices know for sure that, as of today, the limitation of such machines does not really help you get rid of other devices.

On the contrary. Such intensive users – such as yours truly – end up carrying ever bigger bags in which you find: a Kodak portable camera (best for films), a tablet for Hootsuite and Facebook (as well as serving as a portable 3G/wifi hotspot), a mobile phone (for, after all, nobody uses tablets to make a phone call do they?), and … a laptop, mostly for those who edit pictures but also create text and documents and presentations and even a portable digital recorder for soundbites.

We are not there yet, so I believe this isn’t the last piece you read about the death of the personal computer.

Microsoft Insists the PC Isn’t Dead — but Doesn’t Really Believe It | BNET.

Does HP’s (HPQ) recent move to spin off its PC business underscore the end of the PC era? Not if you ask Microsoft(MSFT), or at least its vice president of corporate communications Frank Shaw.

To Redmond, the PC is the hub of technical existence, with e-readers, tablets, set-top boxes, and smartphones anything but PC-killers.

Instead, Shaw argues on his corporate blog, PCs do a lot more and will remain vital and necessary in the future.

Read on … Microsoft Insists the PC Isn’t Dead — but Doesn’t Really Believe It | BNET.

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