increasing brand advocacy with Social Media

On Nov 10th, 2009 I was in Atlanta presenting at Blogwell on behalf of Orange Business Services, presenting our social media strategy and explaining how, why and what we did online to increase our brand advocacy.

Yesterday, the video recording of that presentation was posted by SMBC and – assuming your firewall isn’t going to block Vimeo – you are kindly invited to click the following image in order to view the recorded session.
And if your firewall does block Vimeo, or that you find the quality a bit flaky, you are now left with the possibility of contacting me via the comments section of this post and then I can tell you how video can be made available to all easily and qualitatively, which is what I explain in that recording.

Brand Advocacy

here is the introduction to the video by the SMBC representatives:

In his BlogWell Atlanta case study presentation, “Succeeding in Social Media Initiatives,” Orange Business Services’ Head of Internet & Digital Media, Yann Gourvennec, explained how they’re finding success in social media as a business-to-business brand.
Yann’s case study covered how they’re finding passionate buyers online that advertising can’t reach, how they’re using video, and how they’ve used social media feedback to improve their products.

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