Guest Blogging

Guest-blogging: we enforce a strong quality enforcement policy regarding our content

guest blogging

All our content has to be unique, high-value, and must adhere to the following guidelines

The Marketing and Innovation blog is a medium for us to share our point of view on marketing and to share our ideas and reactions within the field. This blog is also a discussion space where Internet users can exchange ideas and comment on different topics. Based on this sharing concept, we would like to invite you to contribute to our blog as a guest blogger. You can express your point of view to other readers on different marketing and innovation subjects.

Our editorial chart for guest-blogging

  • We do not accept articles promoting or advertising a particular brand or product
  • Your article should be clear; including facts, figures and references (with their sources)
  • Your article should not include duplicated content
  • Your article should be composed of 1,500 words minimum
  • A full bio (3-4 lines) and a biopic with full reference to a real person’s public profile is a must

If you’re interested and comply with all our demands, contact us here or click the contact button above