Is Sir Berners Lee’s view one-sided?

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A report from Edouard Austin in my team at Orange who was attending the WW2012 keynote speech by one of the Web’s founders, Sir Tim Berners Lee who issued a clear warning as to the growing threat to freedom of speech on the Internet. In that speech, he addresses a clear comment to Mark Zuckerberg who announced a few years ago that “privacy was no longer a social norm”. Whereas the growing threat to freedom of speech is a non debatable and an increasingly worrying threat, I would venture to say that this keynote fails to address the other side of the issue and the fact that the lack of regulations has also impinged the rights of others and namely those of artists, sometimes in favour of thieves who have amassed humongous fortunes.

the end of social media … as we knew it ( via @wcgworld )

Today’s selection is …
My 2 cents on the future of Social Media for enterprises after 5 years of field practice as Director of Digital Media at Orange Business Services and – more recently – the Orange group. All of this courtesy of Bob Pearson on the Pre Commerce blog. I will soon expatiate on these views in order to prepare for an upcoming event organised by usefulsocialmedia, which is due to take place in London on that subject.

local vs. international social media platforms: a thorough study by Sofrecom

Carlos Jordan de Urries (left) and Chrystele Bazin (below), senior consultants at Sofrecom (a France Telecom Company) have updated us on the status of Social Media in emerging markets last … Lire la suite