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Today’s selection is about Web design courtesy of the Optimezely Agency

Web designBecause I am sick and tired about hearing people focus on look and feel when they should be focusing on user experience and content, and because user experience and content aren’t about html5 (let alone Flash! Heaven forbid…) but about optimising quality, interest, readability and click-throughs. Have you noticed that most successful websites are, by and large, designers’ nightmares? eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, Gmail, trip advisor, Schibsted’s websites, Rakuten’s platforms etc. to name a few aren’t really good examples of “nice” websites, but they are all very effective. In the early a days, and for a long time after that, Yahoo! was nicknamed the “typographic nightmare” by designers because they didn’t even know how to antialias their logo.
So why are Corporate clients still focusing on those eccentric designer websites which look like tablet apps, behave like crazy and have a huge negative impact on SEO.
Go figure it out… What about hubris?
6 Best Practices from 251,391 Website Experiments (and how to apply them)

By removing the optional “Search” field, Seamless was able to reduce choices and create a more …er, seamless experience for their visitors.

  • 20% increase in click-through-rate
  • 5% increase in completed ordersno. 3. Words matter. Focus on your call to action

Profile: One of the fastest-growing online legal services company, based in SF
Rocket Lawyer applied best practice #3 to their “incorporate” landing page:

  • Original: “Incorporate Now”
  • Variation: “Get started”


> go on reading at: 6 Best Practices from 251,391 Website Experiments (and how to apply them) 


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