Wikinomics and the source of innovation

Wikinomics, this linking of people and ideas, is what is really driving innovation in the long run. Howard Rheingold’s vision of ‘the guy in the basement‘ who is the one responsible for innovation is becoming reality. I have attached a great article in which Rheingold depicts the importance of collaboration and how people can actually re-shape the corporate world in which we live, and for some of us, barely survive.

Wikinomics and the source of innovation

Wikinomics and the source of innovation
Wikinomics and the source of innovation

The ‘killer apps’ of tomorrow’s mobile infocom industry won’t be hardware devices or software programmes but social practices. The most far-reaching changes will come, as they often do, from the kinds of relationships, enterprises, communities and markets that the infrastructure makes possible
Howard Rheingold (Smart Mobs)

Now in a Businessweek article are living examples of how people are actually changing the world from the bottom-up. Only 2 years ago, when Jérôme Delacroix from Cooperatics first talked to me about wikis I had been very puzzled.

Then I tried to set up a wiki web by myself but did not really manage to get people interested or at least not as much as I had managed with my legacy website and now with all my blogs.

Now I can realise how much the world has changed in a very short period of time. The phenomenon has even been granted a name by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams: Wikinomics, i.e. economics revisited by collaboration.

Today I have a wiki back in the office, which I populate and which I use every day to foster innovation internally and get people to cooperate for business, and I also use this blog to populate the wiki and the forums and the rest of it (innovating from the outside in).

What Charles Handy was writing about the virtual organisation 12 years ago was really visionary; not that I ever doubted it of course, but it’s reached scales never attained before.

Yann Gourvennec
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