Cafe Delocator Declares War on Uniformity

Thank god, it’s not just a few old gits from Old Europe who seem to be fed up with these faceless standardised, uniformed coffee houses which are cropping up all over the world.

A group of anti-marketing coffee house activists has decided to create a delocator to promote their idea of a good café.

This delocator is very useful and simple. Just enter a post(zip) code in the input box and press the ‘delocate’ button and you will be able to display a number of alternatives to these despised standard cafés.

You can try it with a Manhattan (10452) zip code. Last but not least, the Delocator Toolkit will enable you to create your own coffee delocator and install it on your website.

  • The Delocator Home Page
  • A pre-filled request with the Atherton zip code, CA (94027)
  • The Delocator toolkit

Yann Gourvennec
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