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Dall-E : Can AI Become a useful ally for Businesses

Can AI tools like Dall-E be used for business? Within the realm of blockchain and gamification, artificial intelligence (AI) is a key component to the Web3 movement. AI isn’t a new thing as the earliest successful AI program was written in 1951, but has evolved quite a bit since then. Trending recently is a unique AI program called Dall-E. It’s further blurring the lines between human and computer capabilities.

Though it appears to be something for only entertainment, this can also be utilized with brands as a useful tool. From advertising, redesigning, and visualizing, Dall-E is proving to be a great way for companies to generate new ideas and spark a new level of creativity.

Dall-E for Business: What Companies Could do With AI

Dall-E Generated Image of a “A purple bear holding a strawberry in space”

What is Dall-E 2?

Dall-E was created by OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company. Their goal is to create “highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work”. Dall-E takes text prompts provided by the user to generate images. These text prompts can be as complex or simple as desired and will create that image and give multiple variations of the same prompt. 

We’ve trained a neural network called DALL·E that creates images from text captions for a wide range of concepts expressible in natural language.


The possibilities are endless.

Think of something you want to see a picture of… anything! “A purple bear holding a strawberry in space”, “A monkey skydiving with an orange helmet painted by Munch”, “A 3D rendering of Darth Vader cliff jumping”. Though it’s not perfect as some photos may come out a little… strange to say the least, it does a respectable job in a matter of seconds.


Dall-E 2 for Businesses

On another note, Dall-E can be utilized as a tool in the business world. Having an image generating AI in your toolkit helps with seeing new perspectives and sparking creativity. Here’s how a company might utilize this technology:

Producing Website Layouts

Designing a website is imperative for companies now. Though, especially for new businesses, creating a website is a difficult and expensive task. As it may be out of the budget for many companies, people now have the ability to use Dall-E to test website layouts and designs to aid in the creative process. Simply type something along the lines of “website for a jewelry brand with earth tones” or “website for a cooking blog with green highlights”.


Dall-E for Business: Logo Ideas

Creating a logo for a company is a daunting task. Dall-E can help with narrowing down ideas and trying different looks in seconds. A company can generate design ideas and select the ones they are particularly interested in. Then, send that idea to a graphic designer to fix and finalize it. Twitter could type in “blue clip art emblem of a bird” or here at Visionary Marketing, “a modern logo with a sun for a marketing company”.



Companies can visualize different steps along their journey of advertisement. A sort of manifestation by seeing what your company name or product can look like in different settings. Almost like a dream in a sense, though, Dall-E isn’t the greatest with words… yet. The idea is still there though however. For example “storefront that has the word ‘Company’ on it” or “Time square billboard with ‘Visionary Marketing’ written on it with a sun logo” or even a picture of your product in different settings.



Having variation with products or advertisement styles is very useful. Dall-E allows people to upload photos as a reference and it will generate its own versions similar to the original design. For a jewelry company, upload a bracelet design and it’ll variate it. For an advertisement, upload your original, and it’ll change it in ways beyond the original thought. Heinz is one of the first brands to start exploring this technology for their new campaigns. In a sense, capitalizing on the strange nature of the generated images.

Heinz Dall-E ad campaign: Source –

Final Thoughts on Dall-E for Business Purposes

Dall-E 2 and other AI image generation technologies are revolutionizing the business world. Still in its infancy, the generated images are only going to improve as time goes on. Having such a powerful tool readily available improves the creative and design side for a brand in seconds. This is blurring the lines between human and computer, and is absolutely free. These images, technically owned by OpenAI, are able to be used commercially since OpenAI grants its users full permission to the images rights.

From web design to creating new logo ideas, Dall-E proves to be a great way for companies to get ideas starting up or redesigning

Will the use of AI technology like this be common practice with companies in the future?

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Jared Roth

Jared Roth

Jared is a senior Business Administration major with a focus on Supply Chain Management and Logistics at Arizona State University. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin currently located in Paris, France with Visionary Marketing.
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