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futurize your enterpriseHave you ever read "Futurize Your Enterprise" by David Siegel? Probably not; not many did. Siegel - a leading Web designer of the early 1990s - realised, after he had written his best selling Web design book, that the Web wasn't (just) about nice graphics and typography. His book made perfect sense to us and to be honest, what we read in that essay didn't even surprise us. Yet, Siegel's career ground to a halt when this piece of literature failed to score high on Amazon. And it's no wonder it didn't sell: Siegel was advocating digital transformation 15 years ahead of time.

visionsary marketing : digitalise your enterpriseThere was no issue at all with what Siegel described in his book. For those who were pioneering Web technologies for business as we have done since the mid 1990s, the digitalisation of businesses had already started 5 years before that. Hence; some of Siegel's statements were even old hat to some of us including ourselves.

All Siegel said was therefore perfectly feasible, even at that time. But the problem was seomewhere else. There weren't enough knowledgeable people around to read his book. He was trying to take Web beyond presence at a time when marketers were still struggling with the very notion of Web presence.

At Visionary Marketing, we know what we are after: not online marketing for the sake of marketing, not buying "likes" to pretend that viral marketing is just a matter of size, not a race for bigger budgets without trying to bring added value. This is why we stick to our guns and favour business-related digital transformation.

All of the above is the reason why digitise your enterprise is our motto. Now you understand where we are coming from.

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Yann GourvennecYann Gourvennec has a long-standing experience in marketing, information systems and Web marketing. He created visionarymarketing.com in 1996 and since then, he has practiced Web strategy, e-business and Web communications in the field. He was a member of socialmedia.org from 2008 till 2013 and he co-founded Media Aces, the French Association for enterprises and social media. He is a lecturer, a keynote speaker, an author and blogger. His upcoming book Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss will be published soon. In early 2014, he went from intrapreneur to entrepreneur when he founded his digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing, in partnership with Effiliation. > Twitter : @ygourven > Slideshare : Yann Gourvennec's online slideshare keynotes data bank > LinkedIn : http://linkedin.com/in/ygourven > Facebook : http://facebook.com/ygourven > Online profile : http://about.me/ygourven

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Thierry de Baillon has a dual scientific and artistic background and education. He supported major French fashion design companies with the uncovering of emerging social and cultural trends. He then served as brand strategy and product development advisor for large French-based international organisations (GDF, Garnier, ST Dupont,UNICEF), designed and launched sucessful consumer products for Creeks, and developed their e-commerce Website in 1998. In 2005, he joined the Capgemini group as head of online and internal social network initiatives for Sogeti. He also advised Capgemini’s clients on collaboration and transformational organisation issues. Thierry is author or co-author of publications such as Right Sourcing: Enabling Collaboration or AFNOR’s Guide on Talent Management and is the initiator of The Future of [Collaborative] Enterprise, an open research project.

> LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/debaillon
> Twitter: twitter.com/tdebaillon
> Online profile: http://about.me/tdebaillon

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Cédric Jeanblanc - visionary marketingCédric Jeanblanc is graduated from the IAE Lille business school. He joined Visionary Marketing in June 2014 as junior Marketing Assistant before embarking on the e-business MBA of the Paris School of Business (ESG). His speciality is online Web content (text, soundbites and video). He is in charge of the French blog at http://blog.visionarymarketing.fr and he is acting community manager for our international @vismktg Twitter account. He is also supporting our consultants with their customer engagements.

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