"Video is the medium of the future" Cisco Social Media Expert Announces

John Earnhardt from Cisco at BlogwellIn this article we’ll describe the take aways from John Earnhardt’s
presentation at BlogWell (http://www.gaspedal.com/blogwell) about the development of Corporate WebTVs and Vlogging and I will also establish a comparison – in part two of this post – with our own experience on the launch of our own WebTV at http://orange-business.tv

reverse innovation: Orange's Liveradio example

online TV and radio to revolutionary ways of staying tuned
Here are two interesting innovations I’d recommend. It’s not every day you buy a product and once you’ve unwrapped it you think that it’s made your day. It’s not every day you buy a product and switch it on and find out that it works well and that you are ready to use it and feel quite exhilarated. It’s not every day you fulfil a requirement at €129 (£99 UK price). And this is exactly what happened last Saturday when I went to buy Orange’s Liveradio, an Internet radio that works — and works well — is user-friendly and doesn’t force you to switch on your computer.