Google+ (plus?) dwindling, Google Buzz going and Diaspora begging for money

One of Forbes’s contributors, Tim Worstall (profile here) , has this story about Google+ and its supposed demise, in which he shows that in fact, Google’s network is still growing. That seems to be th ecase, with Larry Page’s announcement of 40 million users last Thursday. It has yet to be proven how many actually use it. Last week, there were more comments about how an engineer screwed up with the sharing system, than about the actual number of users of the platform though – by the way, the said engineer argued that this was not a platform and that the problem was there. Last but not least, mashable took a stab at Google’s execs about the fact that they weren’t eating their own dog food. Maybe they feel a bit iffy about having to start their Facebook network all over again? Last but not least, all diaspora “users” received an email last week in which the new social media star was begging for money. Off to a bad start it seems. I personally opened my account, understood the principle but saw no added value in it I’m afraid. I know that it is said that Google+ mimicked their interface and not the other way round, but yet … By the way, as Worstall mischievously points out, is this Google plus ou Google+? He may not be a social media guru, but he asks very valid questions (excerpts per below and link to main Forbes article). At any rate the shift towards Google+ is now complete, due to the phasing out of Google Buzz (and that was revealed only a few hours ago).