near real-life 3D avatars: killer application or virtual scarecrow?

We have already covered the subject of 3D avatars aka IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Agents) for business on this blog.
Motion Portrait in Japan is taking this one step further with the ability to turn a 2D picture into a fully-fledged 3D intelligent animation.

Top user award: There is such a thing as a Yahoo! free lunch

Two days ago, when opening my browser, the homepage of
which is my Yahoo! mail box, I got a message warning me that I had been granted
top user status. The reward was to follow.
I have had a Yahoo! mailbox since times immemorial. More than 10 years for sure. Now I understand why so-called “digital natives” are said to hate e-mail. It is a generational issue. We sort of grew up with it in our professional lives. Youngsters on the contrary favour instant and text messaging; to them e-mail is what is being used to to send messages to your friends’ parents.