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LinkedIn Hackers are Targeting Pro Users in Italy and France

Forget about phishing, enter LinkedIn hackers! cybercriminals are upping their game and are now using LinkedIn to plant viruses on…


Perceived value: how customers rate product or service

How do consumers form their perceived value of a product or service? This is the question that Bain & Company…


Tech layoffs and disillusionment in Silicon Valley

This morning's newsflash was inspired by a tweet and refers to the recent Tech layoffs in Silicon Valley, no longer deemed the greatest…


Study proves that ‘digital natives’ do not exist

A study proves that "digital natives" do not exist: digital natives, generations X, Y, Z and now alpha, are a…


Forrester advises advertisers to put Twitter on Back Burner

Is Twitter still the right platform for advertisers? Twitter has been in the news lately for changes that have happened…