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Visionary Marketing is a pioneering marketing website which was created in 1996. Since these early days it has covered the following topics: marketing and innovation, innovation management, digital marketing, content marketing, digital transformation, IT, Web and social media. This is the content-centric companion blog to the main Visionary Marketing website, which is the online space dedicated to our agency, our philosophy and our offering.

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In 2014, the Marketing & Innovation blog was turned into the blog of our digital marketing agency, Visionary Marketing. Along with that change we have slightly adapted our editorial angle and are subsequently focused on the main topics which are relevant to us such as digital transformation, digital marketing education, content marketing and website automation.
Even if this blog is linked to our Visionary Marketing, we a re determined to keep it open and free of any promotion. To this end we adhere strictly, both for ourselves and our clients, to the disclosure code of conduct written by Socialmedia.org and available at http://socialmedia.org/disclosure.
The CEO & founder of our agency, Yann Gourvennec, takes part in many public appearances on the subject of digital, marketing and innovation.
You may contact Yann Gourvennec for an intervention or a training session.

Guest blogging at Visionary Marketing

Visionary marketing welcomes quality guest blogging contributions. If you feel you can valuably contribute to our content you are more than welcome to submit your contributions

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  1. Hello Yann:

    I wanted to share with you some news about an innovation e-book I just finished. It is called Innovation Strategies. This book covers the innovation strategies of companies that were mentioned in a BusinessWeek article (April 24, 2006). BW nominated these companies as “the world’s most innovative companies”.

    I took the role of an industrial archeologists and started looking at the artifacts and other sources of information about the companies to read the qualities that may have encouraged someone to nominate these companieas as the “most innovative”.

    The result is this 160page e-book that looks at the strategies, methods and products of: IDEO, Philips, Samsung, Target, eBay, Nokia, IKEA, Virgin, GE, P&G, Gillette, Dell, Toyota and Apple.

    This book uses a cross-disciplinary perspective to analyze the companies and products: including user experience design, human factors, art, marketing, branding, etc

    You can download a copy of the Samsung chapter and read a bit more about this book here:


  2. With your focus on creativity, and your blog, you might like to see a copy of Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley. It’s a business novel about Creative Problem Solving.

    A little about the book and author: Jack’s Notebook depicts the story of down-and-out 20-something, Jack Huber, as he embarks on a journey of self-realization and life change. Jack’s mentor and guide on his internal expedition is Manny Gibran, a creativity consultant and expert in a process known as Creative Problem Solving. After a brief yet informative tutorial in the practices of CPS, Jack finds himself quitting his dead-end part time jobs, following his lifelong dream of opening up his own photography business, and, as an added yet unexpected bonus, falling in love. Jack even manages to solve a mystery and save his damsel in distress along the way.

    About the author: Gregg Fraley works as an innovation consultant to Fortune 500 companies and does keynote speeches and workshops on creative thinking, innovation, problem solving, and new-product development. He is a partner in The Innovise Guys, an innovation and entertainment podcast. Fraley is a board member of the Creative Education Foundation (CEF), and he teaches creative problem solving at CEF’s annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI). He is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association (USA). Learn more at http://www.greggfraley.com/.

  3. Very interesting content guys. I’ll be back to look again. I’d also like to add you to the links on my blog.

    Take a look at it–Right Brain/Left Brain Marketing–when you get a chance.



  4. Bonjour,

    Journaliste pour DECIDEURSTV, je me permets de vous contacter dans le cadre du lancement du Club des Décideurs de la Relation Client, le 25 septembre prochain. Ce Club a été fondé par DECIDEURS TV, La Poste, Easiware et Diabolocom.

    Chaque mois, nous produisons pour les formats vidéos, un plateau, une infographie et un reportage sur un thème relatif à la Relation Client. Pour les formats écrits, nous aurons un sondage, une fiche pratique et des avis d’experts.

    Je vous invite à regarder une de nos émissions en cliquant ici

    Votre profil et votre expertise étant en adéquation avec les thèmes abordés dans nos émissions, je vous sollicite pour savoir si vous pouviez, dans la mesure du possible, écrire un court article, un édito sur le Social CRM BtoB ou le Social CRM BtoC. Il sera classé dans la catégorie avis d’experts. Rien ne vous empêche de reprendre un article déjà publié. Par ailleurs, vous êtes libre de l’angle à adopter par rapport à ces problématiques.

    D’autre part, nous avons une section Who’s who dans laquelle nous répertorions les acteurs essentiels de la RC. Si vous l’acceptiez, pourriez-vous répondre brièvement aux questions ci-dessous, nous envoyer un court CV et ainsi figurer dans notre Who’s who des décideurs?

    1 – Quels éléments de la Relation Client vous ont séduit au point d’en faire votre métier ?

    2 – Quels éléments, selon vous, ont le plus marqué la Relation Client ces dernières années ?

    3 – Selon vous, quelle marque a réinventé la Relation Client depuis 2000 ?

    4 – Quelles sont, selon vous, les grandes tendances à venir de la Relation Client ?

    5 – Qu’attendez-vous du Club des Décideurs de la Relation Client ?

    Je reste à votre disposition pour toutes informations supplémentaires.

    Bien cordialement,

    notre carte de visite vidéo

    Alizée Divialle

    33 rue des Jeûneurs 75002 Paris


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  6. Thanks for following The immortal Yann. I usually post once a week and I hope you will find entertaining music and writing and perhaps make some discoveries. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom

    1. Thanks Thom. As you have probably noticed, I have been less busy recently but I am planning to get back on track with the English blog.
      Thanks for your kind message.

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