Mendler: the workspace of the future is all about conversations #live11

reporting live from Orange Business Live in Munich

Workspaces of the future, an industry analyst perspective

In his introduction, Michael Burrell from Orange Business Services described  some of the main market trends include:

  1. consumerization of IT, tuning the way that IT is working on its head.
  2. The millenials are also changing things in the workplace
  3. mobility is enabling people to work from anywhere
  4. cloud technology is changing the ay that IT can be purchased and rolled out

Conversation isn’t just about Voice

Informa’s Camille Mendler (@cmendler on Twitter) introduced the subject by saying that what she wants to talk about is “conversations” before delving into workspaces of the future. Conversation isn’t about “exchange of thoughts; talk” as Merriam Webster defines it. Conversation isn’t about “voice” anymore Camille says. We have to rethink what we describe as “conversation”.

One has also to think about who is involved Camille added. One type of conversation doesn’t fit all. All regions have their preferred ways of conversing (re. conversation type slide above). The challenge is to have the flexibility to use whatever tool is best fitted.

BYOC will not be going away

BYOC/BYOT (Bring your own computer/telephone) she added is no longer a threat in a day and age when Nasa is controlling launches through iPad and iPhones. Camille says that this is not going away and the ability to take an order from a tablet, for instance, is improving business processes.

Conversations … between things

Conversation, is not only taking place between people, it includes things, and even thing to thing (like the Poken experiment which we have carried out at Orange Business Live this year in Munich).

Camille says that we are moving into “conversation as a service”, conversations is moving into mobility, cloud and “as a service”.