In Fond Memory of Trey Pennington, Our Like Minds Friend

I had received an message via Facebook from him last Saturday but as I try not to connect on weekends, I had decided to postpone the response. Trey was asking my help for renewing his Mifi as he was scheduled to come to England very soon.

I didn’t have a chance to respond to my friend’s message, as it was announced by Mashable and via the likeminds network and my friend Hervé Kabla that Trey passed away last Sunday.

Needless to say I feel very upset. I am sitting in a conference right now but I can’t concentrate on anything, our friend is no more and we won’t be able to chat and crack jokes with him in Exeter in October. I am devastated.

Never have I seen someone like Trey, so amiable, so competent, so popular and yet so modest and generous. We had had a chance to interview eachother and I decided to use the above picture in my Twitter account.

Trey, all our thoughts are for you and your family

Trey Pennington About Web Intelligence and Social Media Monitoring

Here is a link to a video of our friend Trey Pennington whom I interviewed a few weeks ago regarding the importance of social media monitoring and web intelligence. Trey also delivers first hand information on the status of the International market for such services, in the US and the UK:

Trey Pennington is not your average Web expert, he is one of the most connected persons in the World (11th most connected person on Facebook) and that certainly made him aware of what Web influence means and how to use it. Trey is – apart from being a renowned social media consultant – working on behalf of Synthesio, a French independent software vendor specialised in sentiment analysis and web intelligence, in order to help them develop their business in the US and the UK.

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