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I didn’t do any more reporting from the usefulsocialmedia conference yesterday as I was involved in the moderation of a number of panel sessions and I had my presentation in the evening. Talking of which, here it is, all available on slideshare.net/orange, under a creative commons licence. In that presentation, I delivered my thoughts about the status of social media today, I also delved into 10 different business cases which I – or my colleagues – have gone through at Orange and I have also added facts and figures as much as possible. I have also tried to challenge the title of the presentation.

the end of social media … as we knew it ( via @wcgworld )

Today’s selection is …

My 2 cents on the future of Social Media for enterprises after 5 years of field practice as Director of Digital Media at Orange Business Services and – more recently – the Orange group. All of this courtesy of Bob Pearson on the Pre Commerce blog. I will soon expatiate on these views in order to prepare for an upcoming event organised by usefulsocialmedia, which is due to take place in London on that subject. 

Yann Gourvennec, Director of Digital and Social Media, Orange Group – “The end of social media … as we knew it”

Change is happening now. Four to five years of social media practice in the enterprise world have shown us that the social web is pertinent to business and – when used properly – it can enhance our online and even offline reputations. Yet, so many years later, social media can no longer be considered an “innovation”. We need to structure our initiatives if we want to get through the rough patches ahead and thrive beyond 2012. This implies that those who haven’t done so already cease to use social media as a standalone or lame advertising practice but integrate it into their core activities. For example, start with these good old websites of ours which need to be made social. I don’t believe that the Web is dead, but it is certainly being turned into something new, more interactive and more social, which encompasses social media; not the other way round. And it’s happening today.

via Insights for 2012 from Today’s Business Thought Leaders – Pre-Commerce.

What’s next after Social CRM: VRM

We haven’t yet had time to get used to Social CRM that new concepts are already flourishing. Here is a piece written up by one of Orange lab’s experts based in San Francisco, whic I am relaying fro the Orange Business Live blog:

Fresh from the Gartner Customer 360 Summit in Los Angeles, the message was clear: ‘social’ is here and it’s not just about connecting with friends and old classmates, it’s permeating the Enterprise and transforming how business is done. With people spending 22% of their time online in social networks, progressive companies are augmenting their existing CRM tools and processes to engage customers in blogs, forums, wikis and public social networks like Twitter.

With growing ‘customer power’ the balance is shifting from marketing-led sales to a more consumer-driven dynamic and while Gartner’s story ended at SocialCRM, a few of the analysts hinted at what may be next, and that’s what I’ll be looking at today.


Brand Advocacy and Social Media Media: The Slidecast

If you haven’t been able to attend the Ragan Social Media summit which took place in San Jose or even online, you can still have a feel of what my presentation was. The pitch was about our work at Orange Business Services with regard to Social Media. Here is the slidecast, inclusive of all comments and please note that this is a downloadable presentation, and that there is no copyright, this is a creative commons presentation (details are included on slide 2).

Trey Pennington About Web Intelligence and Social Media Monitoring

Here is a link to a video of our friend Trey Pennington whom I interviewed a few weeks ago regarding the importance of social media monitoring and web intelligence. Trey also delivers first hand information on the status of the International market for such services, in the US and the UK:

Trey Pennington is not your average Web expert, he is one of the most connected persons in the World (11th most connected person on Facebook) and that certainly made him aware of what Web influence means and how to use it. Trey is – apart from being a renowned social media consultant – working on behalf of Synthesio, a French independent software vendor specialised in sentiment analysis and web intelligence, in order to help them develop their business in the US and the UK.

Read on, on the Orange Business Services LIVE blog